KO Punch 1.1.1 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Energy APK
KO Punch MOD APK 1.1.1

KO Punch 1.1.1 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Energy APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 hours ago)
Name KO Punch
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Action.io
Size 70MB
Latest Version 1.1.1
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Energy
Category Action
Price FREE

Based on melee fighting gameplay, published by Action.io. Open an action game, called KO Punch. This is a game inspired by boxing matches. Revolving around the competition between two boxers on the ring. Compete with boxing hits to find the winner. Aim to become the champion of the tournament. The game is played in online mode. Players from all over the world play matches. With a series of unique features added. In order to increase the experience, bring an attractive fight on the topic of boxing. From realistic 3D graphics to realistic sound quality. Or a unique equipment system, which is reserved for boxers. Promising to open up the matches full of drama and excitement.

Introduce about KO Punch – A Boxing Match Between Two Boxers On The Platform!

Similar to other fighting-themed games on the market. The gameplay of KO Punch takes place in real-time. Each match is divided into 3 halves. Each round will have a time limit of 30 seconds. In the role of a boxer to participate in the competition. Compete with opponents on the platform. To win with excellent achievement achieved. You will have to defeat your opponent with dangerous, boxing attacks. After the time is over, the performance of the two boxers will be calculated on the parameters. Complete each round in turn to end the battle. Based on dangerous moments, accurate punch count, and hit percentage. From there, the winner will be determined. The boxer with the higher score wins. Get the corresponding amount of bonus.KO Punch

Simple gameplay, console

The rules of the game KO Punch are designed according to the actual rules. However, the system has been optimized for simplicity. Help all players can participate without too much difficulty getting used to it. Instead of keeping to the complicated regulations of a real-life boxing match. With the intervention of the referee during the game. As soon as you join the game, those elements have been removed. Incorporate a customized user control interface. With virtual control keys, you are hidden. Helping you have the most authentic boxing experience. At first, the system will detail each attack operation. Tap to punch straight, swipe up to punch hook. Swipe left to punch left and right swipe to punch right. Through the basic control mechanism, it can be used flexibly to create many different ways of hitting.Game KO Punch

Improve playing skills

As introduced at the beginning of KO Punch. The match is played in online mode. You will face martial artists from all over the world. They possess attack skills and rich competition experience. Is a great challenge on the way to becoming a champion. Because the goals of the boxers are the same. To win, get closer to the dream. Your skill requirements need to be honed over time. Observe the opponent’s movement to make accurate judgments. Dodge quickly to limit being attacked. Combine attacks accurately, and flexibly change many ways of fighting. At the same time, upgrade the boxer with equipment to enhance the ability. From there, it is possible to defeat the opponent on the platform. In turn, there will be a chance to put your name on the leaderboard.Tai KO Punch

Use the money to buy equipment

Bonus received after winning matches of KO Punch. You can use it to perform trading operations. Because this is the main currency used in the game. Through the shop to be able to buy equipment. Enhance the fighter’s fighting ability in the next matches. Here, you can unlock equipment such as boxing gloves and competition pants. Each type has a lot of different options, and the amount to buy is not the same. Depending on your style, it is possible to accumulate bonuses. Then equipped to upgrade strength, and improve attack ability. Help boxers compete to outperform their opponents. Not only that but equipping the items also changes the appearance, creating its own prominence.Introduce about KO Punch

The sound of the KO Punch game creates huge excitement. Simulated sound of cheering, enthusiastic cheering of the audience around the ring. Voice over the referee during the game or blow the whistle to start and end. The sound mix is ​​changed flexibly, suitable for each activity taking place. For example, when a boxer takes a punch to attack. The sound will be reproduced very realistically. Besides, the graphics are also highly appreciated. Based on the background of 3D graphics. High-quality images, very excellent. The images of the martial artists are depicted very realistically.

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