Knock Balls 2.23 MOD Unlocked All Skins, Max Level, Lots of Money APK
Knock Balls MOD APK 2.23

Knock Balls 2.23 MOD Unlocked All Skins, Max Level, Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Knock Balls
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher VOODOO
Size 67MB
Latest Version 2.23
MOD Unlocked All Skins, Max Level, Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Knock Balls is an action-style ball shooting game. Here you will control a cannon that performs the task of shooting blocks. The levels are divided into several stages. The goal is to destroy the whole to be able to win and complete the assigned mission. This is a game in the shooting action category of the developer Voodoo. The gameplay is quite simple but brings addiction when participating. Along with that are bright image quality and stunning effects. Combined with a lively sound system with background music playing throughout the game. Even more unique when the game can be experienced in offline mode. Help you use free features during the game.

Download Knock Balls MOD APK – Control the Ball Cannon to Destroy Buildings

The gameplay mechanics of the Knock Balls are designed to be interesting. Although the usage is simple, it is difficult to overcome the challenges. Because in each level will be limited the number of balls shot. Meanwhile, the cubes are made into many works with different shapes. The process takes place, you just need to touch to adjust the angle. From there aim to shoot the ball and destroy the building. In general, the control mechanism of the game is very easy to use. You can get used to the gameplay as soon as you join.Knock Balls MOD

Level missions are divided into several stages

Based on the content of the game perform the task of shooting the ball. Unlock levels to challenge your skills. Each level is divided into several stages with blocks formed. From the first-person perspective adjust the cannon and shoot the ball. Destroy each part of the building in turn until it is wiped clean. Then complete one stage and move on to the next stage. Complete each stage in turn to get to the final stage. Here you will have to bombard larger buildings, only when destroying all can complete the mission at a level. After that, it will come to the reward period to accumulate.Game Knock Balls MOD

The reward is a purple diamond

The reward received after passing the stages of a level is purple diamonds. But instead of being received directly like other games. Here the mechanism of receiving rewards is played in the style of shooting balls. Accordingly, you will have to use the cannon to shoot the ball to break the large purple diamond. Make them crumble into small pieces. From there will receive the number of diamonds corresponding to the level of participation.Tai Knock Balls MOD

Difficulty increases with many changes

After completing a mission in the game Knock Balls at LMHAPKSS. It is possible to come to the next level with new challenges waiting ahead. But with that, the difficulty of the quest will increase. Expressed through the shape of the building to be demolished, as well as the blocks created. Or the distance from the location of the cannon to the construction point of the structure is farther. Causing the impact of the ball to hit not high. In addition, the building is in motion and there is the appearance of obstacles. Thereby preventing the impact of the ball, making it difficult for you to complete the task. But besides that, the reward received also increased larger.

Activate special power

The process of performing the ball shooting mission can use special powers. Through the accumulated points when meeting the conditions. From there, it can be activated to increase the rate of fire and the number of balls fired. At this time, the cannon will fire continuously toward the structure to create great destruction. After each special power is activated, the next user will have to wait a while. Or maybe through watching free promotional videos to shorten the activation. Besides, it is also necessary to pay attention to the number of balls remaining after each level. The number of balls will be doubled at the next level. Use that to your advantage, which in turn will help you increase the completion rate of the more difficult missions.Download Knock Balls MOD

MOD APK Feature of Knock Balls

  • Unlocked All Skins
  • Max Level
  • Lots of Money

Go through the shooting levels that take place in the game Knock Balls. There will be various constructions created by blocks. For example ancient Egyptian pyramids, Eiffel Tower, castles, high-rise houses,… and many more. Each project will be shaped in its own style. At the same time, they are placed on a support plate in the background with vivid colors. Besides, each project is also designed with different colors. Help you have an interesting experience and bring addictive gameplay when participating.

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