King’s Blood: The Defense 1.3.5 MOD Unlimited Bloodstones, Health, Shopping Without Money APK
King's Blood: The Defense MOD APK 1.3.5

King’s Blood: The Defense 1.3.5 MOD Unlimited Bloodstones, Health, Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name King's Blood: The Defense
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version1.3.5
MOD Unlimited Bloodstones, Health, Free Shopping
Price FREE

Become a hero in the game King’s Blood: The Defense at LMHAPKSS. Lead the army to engage in battle with enemy forces. Break through the waves of attacks and wipe them all out to be able to win. Then complete the assigned task. Here the content of the game takes place according to the plot. Unleash medieval-themed matches. Includes casual combat, defense, and conquest. Each theme will open up fierce competition in the arena. Requires troop strategy and the hero’s ability to be able to fight the enemy. Besides, you will have the opportunity to explore many interesting features. Shown through the graphic system is simulated in dark space. Along with sound quality is reproduced realistically.

King’s Blood: The Defense – Lead Units With Heroes Against The Enemy!

Before participating in the war between armies and soldiers. You can choose from four different characters. They are heroes possessing outstanding fighting abilities. Each person is shaped in their own way, expressed through appearance and appearance. At the same time, they have their own stories to be discovered during the gameplay. Accordingly, you will choose a favorite character to accompany you in the battles. From there use special skills and powers to fight enemies. Besides, the game also allows you to create your own characters with different choices. Choose your desired gender and name, as well as choose your appearance.King's Blood- The Defense MOD

Gameplay and rewards

Accompany the hero to participate in the medieval war. You have the right to recruit units and hire troops in many countries. Mission to attack waves of enemies in battles. Aim to beat the whole in the shortest time to win. From there, complete the assigned tasks and receive attractive rewards. Here, after the end of a battle, you will be rewarded with a blood stone. They are collected during the course of the match and will drop randomly from defeated enemies. In addition, achievements will be shown through the number of enemies defeated and the time to end.Game King's Blood- The Defense MOD

Mission by campaign

The matches in the game King’s Blood: The Defense will be held according to the campaign. Each campaign is divided into several stages of attack. Join the hero in recruiting units of soldiers to command against waves of enemies. During the process, bloodstone can be used to increase attack ability and attack speed. For better performance in combat. At the same time, you can also command a defensive army, not actively attacking. Depending on the situation implement the strategy. Pass each wave in turn until wiping out the enemy. From there will win to end the match. Can come to the next mission to continue the mission.Tai King's Blood- The Defense MOD

Multiple units with unique abilities

Here the hero can recruit many different units of soldiers. Includes infantry, spearmen, cavalrymen, archers, and stoners. Each unit is equipped with its own weapon and attack style. At the same time possessing different stats, expressed through attack ability, stamina, and health. Moreover, it is also possible to upgrade soldier units to enhance their abilities. However, it should be noted that in the process of fighting, after each recruitment of a soldier unit, it will take a while to recover. Only then can continue to recruit to increase the force. Besides, the conditions to recruit soldiers must also be based on the hero’s level.

The unique fighting style of the units

The difference between the units is shown through the style of attack. Accordingly, the cavalry will ride a horse and attack the enemy with the tip of a spear. The infantry uses swords and shields, moving to attack directly. Archers shoot arrows to attack from a distance and deal physical damage. But it should be noted that the archer’s stamina is very poor. Or use stone-throwing skills to attack enemies at a wide range. For example, in a situation where they are concentrated close together, throwing stones will cause great damage to multiple enemies.King's Blood- The Defense MOD

MOD APK feature implemented of King’s Blood: The Defense

  • Unlimited Bloodstones
  • Unlimited Health
  • Shopping Without Money

To strengthen the fighting power of your entire army at King’s Blood: The Defense. It is necessary to increase the hero’s level by using bloodstone. At the same time can equip many different items. Shown in weapons, defensive shields, helmets, armor, and more. Each piece of equipment has many different options to use. But to be able to collect them will have to go through battles. At the same time, after owning it, you can also upgrade to increase the attribute stats.

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