Kingdomtopia 1.1 MOD Shopping Without Money, Lots of Money, Unlocked All APK
Kingdomtopia: The Idle King MOD APK 1.1

Kingdomtopia 1.1 MOD Shopping Without Money, Lots of Money, Unlocked All APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Kingdomtopia: The Idle King
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Joyseed Gametribe
Size 66MB
Latest Version 1.1
MOD Free Shopping, Unlimited Money, Unlocked All
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Kingdomtopia is an idle management game. The content revolves around construction and development activities. Follow the story of the game to become a king of the animals. It is also set in a medieval kingdom. As a leader, have the right to lead and make decisions. You will have to do a lot of different jobs in order to grow. Restore the empire and thrive more than before. This game revolves around the task of management. Demand your strategy and optimize activities to earn money idle. Besides can play in offline mode for free. With a wide range of different features provided by the system. Promises to bring an interesting experience when participating in the game.

Kingdomtopia – Become the Young King to Build the Kingdom After the War!

Kingdomtopia at LMHAPKSS – The setting unfolds in a vast medieval kingdom. There are animals that live together for many years. But a disaster struck unexpectedly, changing everything. Caused by the appearance of an unknown enemy force. They launched an invasion attack on the entire territory of the kingdom. Accordingly, the top king had to go to the battlefield to prevent it and unfortunately lost his life. Now you will become a young king to continue to manage the kingdom. Following the legacy left by the father, will have to rebuild everything from the ruins. Aim to rebuild regions and expand territories. Thereby bringing a peaceful and prosperous life to all citizens.Kingdomtopia MOD

Various missions

Become a young king to build the kingdom after going through the war. There will be a lot of different work to do. Rebuild buildings from ruins, renovate, and upgrade to grow more and more. Use the money to invest in activities that increase profits and growth. At the same time expand the territory of the kingdom to the surrounding areas. Create a prosperous life for the animals. Besides, it is necessary to upgrade the work to increase productivity. At the same time, process many more items to use in their own activities. There are many other tasks and tasks that need to be done. Will be discovered after joining the game.Tai Kingdomtopia MOD


Kingdom in the game Kingdomtopia is divided into many different districts. Each district can build structures. Includes farm, market, hunting grounds, mining, harbor, and artisan making. Each project plays an important role to bring its own benefits. For example, a farm is a place where food and feed are produced. Or the harbor is a place for boats to park and transport goods. Accordingly, each project will bring profit over time. To be able to get more money, you need to upgrade to increase your profits. From there will help you accumulate a large amount of money to continue to build and develop the kingdom.Game Kingdomtopia MOD


To be able to idle money after building works. You need to renovate to be able to increase profits many times over. For example Silk Road, Birds of Prey, Dowsing, Shipyard, Craftsmanship, and many more. Each type of improvement will increase the profit of the respective building. Depending on each level, the amount of profit will increase. You can also hire the mayor to help you collect taxes. From there, there is no need to manually perform each job. Because someone will work instead to save time. Helps you can idle and earn money even when offline.

Gold money

Gold coins are the main currency used in the game. They can be used to trade and build buildings. As well as renovating to increase profits many times to earn idle money. Here money is earned through construction works. Over a certain period of time, you will receive a corresponding amount. To get more bonuses you will have to increase the activity progress, as well as upgrade. From there you can get more money. But besides that, it should be noted, the amount to invest will be increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate to invest in the right purpose.Introduce about Kingdomtopia MOD

MOD APK feature implemented of Kingdomtopia

  • Shopping Without Money
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlocked All

Kingdomtopia game uses sharp 3D graphics. Based on that foundation will reproduce vivid image quality. Simulate the kingdom’s districts in many different environments. For example on the island, the green territory, the land between the mountains, and much more. Besides the graphics, the sound quality is designed to be lively. Shown through gentle background music played throughout the performance.

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