Kingdom War TD Premium Offline 2.1.75 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems, unlock all characters, God mode, Onehit APK
Kingdom War TD Premium Offline MOD APK 2.1.75

Kingdom War TD Premium Offline 2.1.75 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems, unlock all characters, God mode, Onehit APK

Written by Hai Nam (5 days ago)
Name Kingdom War TD Premium Offline
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Fansipan Limited
Size 121MB
Latest Version 2.1.75
MOD Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlock all characters, God mode, Onehit
Category Strategy
Price FREE

Kingdom War TD Premium Offline is a game built in the style of city defense. The content of the game unfolds according to a story in the fantasy world. Set on a vast continent called Fortias. This place is inhabited by many different races. Including elves, dwarves, demons, orcs, and humans. After a fierce war between the human alliance and the dark forces took place hundreds of years ago. Before the power of humans, their king used the sword to defeat the dark lord. Since then has helped the union of humans and creatures to lead a peaceful life. But the dark forces have never stopped plotting to dominate. They are waiting for an opportunity to engulf the world again.

Introduce about Kingdom War TD Premium Offline – Build Towers With Heroes To Stop The Dark Forces!

Continuing the game’s story, the setting opens in the kingdom of Eradel. It was attacked by an army of goblins. Receiving urgent intelligence, Prince Lucius set out with his comrades to go to the battlefield. They need help from other allies to save the Eradel kingdom. On a journey to protect his own kingdom. They will face a lot of scary dangers. Those were the enemies of the units of the dark forces. It is impossible to refuse a request for help because the Eradel kingdom is the last castle of man. Accordingly, you will become a strategist, tasked with leading forces led by prince Lucius. Join them against fearsome enemies to protect the kingdom.Kingdom War TD Premium Offline

Gameplay and tasks to perform

Similar to other tower defense games. The gameplay unfolds on a large battlefield. Divided into many different routes. Those roads all lead to the city gate of Eradel kingdom. Accordingly, the enemy forces of darkness will move from all directions and approach the city gate. You need to build defensive towers along the routes. To stop enemy forces as they move into the tower’s range. After wiping out all and successfully resisting attacks from the enemy. From there will win and complete the mission.

In each war that takes place, the dark forces will divide into many different attacks. They moved in large numbers along the route leading to the city gate. If 20 monsters successfully broke through the defense and entered the castle. That will cause the mission to fail, unable to protect the kingdom.Game Kingdom War TD Premium Offline

Build defensive towers

The process of building the castle defense system in Kingdom War TD Premium Offline. You can proceed to build 4 different types of towers. Includes bow tower, barracks tower, magic tower, and golem tower. Each tower type offers a different ability to help you defend when enemies attack. For example, bow towers will deal physical damage from a distance, and can support surrounding towers. The barracks tower trains brave warriors to help you block the enemy’s path. Magic Towers generate magical power to attack. Finally, the Golem tower is the kingdom’s most powerful weapon. With the ability to deal great damage when smashing the ground.Tai Kingdom War TD Premium Offline

Recruit heroes

Besides building defense towers, it is possible to recruit heroes. Harness their power against the enemies approaching the kingdom. There are 5 different heroes here, including Jupiter, Glacia, Sol, Nyx, and Asura. The difference between them is not only reflected in appearance, style, and appearance. It is also judged by combat strength. From maximum health, damage dealt movement speed, and defense. Moreover, they also possess their own special skills. According to the game rules, in a war can recruit and lead up to 3 heroes. It is also possible to guide them to move to different locations on the road leading to the city gate.Introduce about Kingdom War TD Premium Offline

MOD APK feature implemented of Kingdom War TD Premium Offline

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money and gems
  • unlock all characters
  • free shopping
  • free purchase
  • God mode, Onehit

From the battles taking place at Kingdom War TD Premium Offline will face 30 different enemies. There are monsters, demons, goblins, and more. They are all led by the dark lord. Aim to attack the world to achieve domination. Each enemy has its own unique ability, expressed through health, defense, and movement speed. Moreover, sometimes you have to fight monster bosses. They appear randomly and often lead enemy forces in the final waves. Bosses have more power than normal monsters. This makes your defense battle difficult. It is difficult to defeat the boss and let them lead the army into the city.

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