King Of Defense 2.0.17 MOD Lots of Money, Gems, Crystals, Coins, Unlocked Heros APK
King Of Defense MOD APK 2.0.17

King Of Defense 2.0.17 MOD Lots of Money, Gems, Crystals, Coins, Unlocked Heros APK

By Hai Nam April 3, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name King Of Defense
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher GCenter
Size 115MB
Latest Version 2.0.17
MOD Unlimited Money, Gems, Crystals, Coins, Unlocked Heros
Category Strategy
Price FREE

King Of Defense is one of the most typical tower defense games. It combines strategy elements commonly found in the tower defense genre with puzzle-like “merge” mechanics. Since then, it has raised strategic gameplay to new heights, more diverse and interesting. Besides, this game will bring you into a familiar story. It was a war between the ancient kingdom and the monsters of darkness. You will be the commander who holds the destiny of the kingdom in your hands. You need to gather the most powerful tower units, soldiers, and heroes to create a defensive barrier. Your rewards are precious loot such as gold coins, character cards, items… Conquer more battles if you want as much.

Download King Of Defense MOD APK – Defense gameplay combines merge mechanics

This game will breathe new life into the goalkeeper genre. Although it retains the usual strategic gameplay style, there are some interesting new points. This game introduces merge mechanics to increase gameplay variety. From there, you will have more new strategies to build defenses. But basically, the game still brings familiar defense battles. There, your task is to build a defensive formation from the units and go to war. Your enemies are monsters of all shapes and sizes. They will get stronger over time, requiring your progress.


Explore exciting modes

So far, the game has three main modes, including Castle Defense, Campaign, and Classic. These three modes are somewhat similar in terms of gameplay. However, each mode will come with its own mission and reward system. So all are worth exploring and keeping an eye on. Basically, the task for you in the modes is to defend against enemies from the dark. They will attack in waves with increasing power. After a certain number of waves, you will complete a level. Next, you will receive rewards for upgrading units to enter new battles with new poses. Everything will happen with the same cycle but at an increasing rate. You will also have an achievement competition with other players on the leaderboard.


Build defenses and go to war

Entering the match, you need to quickly prepare and build a defense. It is a formation of many towers, units, and heroes. You have the right to decide their layout and arrangement on the battlefield. About towers and heroes, the game offers 4 different types. They are archers, mages, warriors, and assassins. The towers also have similar systems and each system will have its own characteristics. To build a tower, you just need to touch the important points and choose the type of tower you want. You can also merge towers of the same type to create more advanced towers. This is the new feature of this game.

To summon a hero to the battlefield in King Of Defense, you need to click on the corresponding card. Each hero will have its own set of skills and can be upgraded to be stronger. As the level progresses, the heroes will gain new skills. The game also has an auxiliary skill system for you to summon in battles. Your job is to combine towers, heroes, and skills to gain the advantage. At the same time, upgrade every component to strengthen your defense. That is the condition for you to win increasingly powerful attacks.


Diverse Boss system

The game will make you enjoy an extremely diverse enemy system. Among them, the hideous Orc legion was the predominant species. Next, there are mutant creatures, dark wizards and witches, monsters, and especially the terrible Boss. Each species will have its own way of attacking. It is this that makes the strategic diversity of defensive battles. Besides, the map system of the game is equally diverse. It includes the desert arena, the jungle, the frozen land… Think of good strategies for each type of terrain.


Thorough and detailed design

This game possesses a not-so-impressive graphic style. However, with the detailed 2D design, it still highlights the defense battles. The system of heroes, towers, and monsters is described quite neatly and creatively. Besides, the combat effects are also quite vivid. They combine with background music to make the battles more exciting than ever. You can enjoy those things from a top-down perspective. This perspective also helps you observe the battlefield easily to adjust the strategy.

In general, you should try King Of Defense at least once. And it could become your favorite tower defense game. This game offers interesting modes with hundreds of missions. Each mission comes with attractive rewards that you don’t want to miss. So explore quests and conquer rewards. A series of interesting challenges are waiting for you in this game.

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