Kill Shot Virus 2.1.5 MOD Lots of Ammo APK
Kill Shot Virus MOD APK 2.1.5

Kill Shot Virus 2.1.5 MOD Lots of Ammo APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Kill Shot Virus
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Hothead Games
Size 77MB
Latest Version 2.1.5
MOD Unlimited Ammo
Category Action
Price FREE

An apocalyptic world full of zombies is waiting for you to explore in Kill Shot Virus. It is one of the best FPS games on mobile with a survival theme in an apocalyptic setting. Now, you will become an important part of the remaining group of survivors. Your mission is to protect yourself and others from the crazy onslaught of zombies. But the tasks for you will not be discrete but closely linked together to form a complete story. They get more and more difficult the further you go through the available story chapters. Follow your remaining ally to explore every corner of the world as it sinks into ruins. Dozens of crazy zombies will challenge your survival on that journey.

Kill Shot Virus – FPS game with a zombie survival theme!

The appeal of this game has attracted millions of players on the phone. And now it’s free for you to officially be a part of the craziest and most brutal zombie war ever. The danger of the pandemic is no longer alarming. It really swept the human world and caused an unprecedented crisis in history. Large cities are now filled with all kinds of zombies, while the remaining survivors are only a minority. In that context, you have two choices, one is to become a zombie hunter, and the other is to become one of them. Starting with two allied friends, you will go through brutal zombie-killing missions for your life.


Non-stop fighting journey

Unlike many similar games, this title does not have a specific level system. It includes more than 100 challenging missions integrated into a complete story. You start with the first mission under the guidance of other survivors. By completing missions, you are upgraded, thereby unlocking new episodes, new challenges, and going to more places. It’s been a long and inspiring journey as the challenge gets harder and harder. You need to complete the quests to continue until the end is found. If you stop halfway, you can continue at key milestones without going back to the beginning.

At each mission, you need to act on your way to accomplish the required objectives. For example, you have to kill enough zombies, cause explosions, or rescue some refugees. In particular, you need to work well with your allies to support each other in the fight. The allies not only help you in the battle with the zombies but also act as the narrator, opening up many new situations through dialogue and voiceover. If they get bitten, they will turn into zombies and attack you frantically. Once there, choose between keeping them or destroying them for the sake of the lives of others.


Upgrade and unlock more

Through the challenges in Kill Shot Virus, your character will be upgraded in many aspects. In it, there are 3 important indicators including health, slow-mos, and armor penetration. You need to upgrade to improve these stats, helping to upgrade defense and attack over time. Besides, you also need to unlock many new weapons and equipment. You can find them at the store, including a variety of guns such as sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, flamethrowers, and more. Some other apocalyptic equipment such as armor, bombs, and camouflage clothing… are also available to unlock.

In addition, gamers will have the opportunity to discover new chapters as the mission progresses. With the new chapters, you will meet new types of zombies from the weak and slow to the big ones with the ability to explode or jump high. You always need new strategies to fight new types of zombies. Moreover, the map context will change flexibly according to the development of the story. It takes you through many places from warehouses and streets to bunkers, shopping malls, suburbs, and more. Team up with your online friends to build a survival plan in this world.


The smooth effect, vivid visuals

The graphic aspect is one of the important highlights of this game. It vividly depicts zombies with different shapes and attack patterns. You will encounter walking corpses in protective suits, workers, doctors, policemen, and more. These images tell you that the zombie epidemic is covering the whole world and in every corner of the city. The experience scene is equally authentic. The shooting effects are smooth and vivid, giving a refreshing immersive feeling.

So, if you are waiting for a perfect FPS game, Kill Shot Virus is something you cannot miss. You can participate in the biggest zombie killing campaign ever in this game. There are dozens of different types of zombies that you can encounter and confront. You can also play as the story progresses or ally with friends to fight the challenge of the apocalypse online. The game also has many unique events that you should not miss.

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