Kill Shot Bravo 12.2 MOD Lots of Ammo APK
Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK 12.2

Kill Shot Bravo 12.2 MOD Lots of Ammo APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Kill Shot Bravo
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Deca Games
Size 120MB
Latest Version 12.2
MOD Unlimited ammo
Category Action
Price FREE

Kill Shot Bravo opens up a first-person shooter war. Play as a soldier of the elite special forces team. You are a gunman who has undergone the most rigorous training. Get equipped with weapons and equipment to participate in the enemy base raid. Mission against enemy units by destroying all, thereby completing the assigned mission. Here when participating in the game will enjoy many unique features. There are many game modes to challenge your shooting skills. Accordingly, you can also choose to fight alone or with an alliance to carry out the mission. Besides the combination of high-quality 3D graphics. With a vivid and realistic visual design, and realistic sounds on the battlefield.

Download Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK – Become a Special Forces Gunman Against Terrorism

Role-play as a soldier of the special forces. Your mission is to raid the enemy military base, through various locations. Includes weapons factory built-in remote forest, secret air base area, and bunker. In each location, a battlefield is simulated in a different context. Shown through the terrain and surroundings, as well as the built obstacles. This is the base of the terrorist force that is threatening the security of the world. You are the hope to stop terrorists to ensure security, so you will have to fight many dangerous criminals. It will even cost your life if you make a mistake or don’t focus.Kill Shot Bravo

More than 4000 quests on a variety of topics

Follow the game’s storyline to join the fight in offline mode. More than 4000 different themed missions to test your skills. Carry out the main quest through fierce battles in the most perspective to survive. The goal is to shoot down all enemies before becoming the target of their attack. The difficulty will increase each time it comes to the next fight. With many difficult challenges waiting ahead, making it is difficult for you to survive to complete the mission. Or come to the assassin shooting theme in the dark. You will have to move flexibly through the areas to find the target. Then open fire to kill the enemy as a hidden person.

Do you want to be able to drive while using guns to attack enemies? Coming to the theme of driving a Jeep through the enemy military territory. Use non-stop firing guns to destroy them and cross the terrain safely. Or the infiltration theme opens up a challenging hunt. Move and hide in the buildings and wipe out the terrorist criminals to complete the mission. Or through the theme of attack, equip a gun and enter the fierce battlefield. Show your skills to accurately shoot the target to get the highest achievement score possible.Download Kill Shot Bravo

Alliance with online shooters

Go through single missions and complete challenges. From there hone more experience and improve combat skills. It is now possible to come to the online mode of Kill Shot Bravo. Here you will ally with other gunmen to form a team. Work together on tasks that are hard to complete alone. Accordingly, it is necessary to coordinate between gunmen to deploy a smart strategy. Aim to destroy enemy forces and win. Even more interesting, this mode also supports the chat feature. Helps you and your teammates discuss to agree on an attack strategy.Tai Kill Shot Bravo

Against many enemies

From the wars taking place in many themes and game modes. Will face many different enemies. They are gunmen armed to attack in a variety of ways. Examples include snipers, riflemen, marksmen, heavily armed opponents, and fighters. More enemies will appear in battles to challenge your skills. The difference between them is shown in appearance and appearance. As well as the ability to attack with different pros and cons to learning.Game Kill Shot Bravo

Kill Shot Bravo game possesses a diverse collection of weapons. Those are guns designed based on real life, inspired by military equipment. These include sniper rifles, rifles, machine guns, and more. The performance of each gun is shown through the stats. Includes ammo count, firing range, reload time, and a few other stats. Moreover, money earned from completed battles can be used to upgrade. Improved accuracy rate, armor penetration, and more. Likewise, the amount to unlock the new gun will not be the same.

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