Karate Kung Fu Fight 1.2.1 MOD Dumb Enemy APK
Karate Kung Fu Fight MOD APK 1.2.1

Karate Kung Fu Fight 1.2.1 MOD Dumb Enemy APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Karate Kung Fu Fight
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Red Tiger Games
Size 58MB
Latest Version 1.2.1
MOD Dumb Enemy
Category Strategy
Price FREE

Enjoy exciting matches in the game Karate Kung Fu Fight. According to the gameplay, antagonistic action takes place. You will play the role of a boxer to participate in 1vs1 matches. Compete directly with many opponents in different matches. Show off your skills to perform flexible attacks. At the same time, avoid combos from opponents to limit damage. Aim to defeat and win to prove yourself. This game is in the fighting category of publisher Red Tiger Games. When participating, you can play in offline mode completely for free. With many outstanding features provided by the system. From a graphics system designed based on a 3D platform. Up to the vivid and realistic sound effects.

Download Karate Kung Fu Fight MOD APK – Participate in Competitions Between Martial Artists

LMHAPKSS‘s Karate Kung Fu Fight game builds graphics based on a 3D platform. With vivid image design and sharp quality. The system is meticulously and thoroughly refined to bring the best experience to players. At the same time, the environment and landscape are realistic, combining flexible motion effects. Along with that are skill effects performed during combat. With many different colors to add vibrancy and appeal. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the sound of the game. Shown through the impact of boxers in the arena. This will help you not feel bored after a long time.Karate Kung Fu Fight MOD

1vs1 fighting style gameplay

Based on the content of Karate Kung Fu Fight, it opens up fighting matches. Follow the 1vs1 action gameplay that takes place in the arena in many locations. Play as a boxer to compete with each opponent in turn. Can be real-time or unlimited-time matches. Depending on the topic you choose to compete. The goal is to deplete your opponent’s health to win. From there, prove your skills and receive attractive rewards. Then it will be time for the next match to compete with other opponents. The challenge also increases from there with many changes. Your opponent’s skills improve and attack in your own unique style. Along with enhanced strength, making you difficult to defeat.Game Karate Kung Fu Fight MOD

Compete with many different opponents

Experience matches in the game Karate Kung Fu Fight. Will have to compete with many different opponents. They are all boxers, Boxing, Kung Fu, Karate, Muay Thai,… and some others. Depending on each fighter facing each other, they will perform attacks with the typical style of each sect. Thereby you will have to defeat them to become the champion. The difference between opponents will be shown through appearance, appearance, and clothing. At the same time, each person uses their own weapon to attack in the match.Download Karate Kung Fu Fight MOD

Many characters to play as

Coming to Karate Kung Fu Fight, you can choose to play the role of many different characters. They are all martial artists possessing unique skill sets for each sect. Each character is shaped in a cartoon style. At the same time, he possesses unique fighting skills, shown through the movements performed when attacking. However, it should be noted that in addition to the default character, it is unlocked for free when starting out. The rest must perform combat missions until they meet the conditions. At this point, each new character will be unlocked one by one to play as.

Intuitive control system

The control mechanism of Karate Kung Fu Fight is designed to be intuitive. Use virtual icons displayed on the screen to perform actions. Through the virtual joystick feature displayed in the left corner of the screen. Tap, and rotate to move and jump. Combine the symbols with the moves shown in the right corner. From there, attack with your hands and feet with different moves. Depending on your combination create combos. Aim to cause damage to opponents with high accuracy, as well as dodge to limit blood loss.Karate Kung Fu Fight MOD APK

As previously introduced about the gameplay of Karate Kung Fu Fight. The matches will be held on two different themes. It’s real-time, no-holds-barred competition. Each theme opens up a battle with its own gameplay style. Choose to fight in real-time. The system gives a specific time and counts down to 0. You and your opponent will attack each other, which can end soon if you defeat your opponent quickly. Besides, in the battle theme, there is no time limit. Fighting matches can take place in rounds, with the goal being to win the rounds to become the champion.

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