Join & Strike 2.0.04 MOD Unlimited Diamonds, Coins APK
Join & Strike MOD APK 2.0.04

Join & Strike 2.0.04 MOD Unlimited Diamonds, Coins APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Join & Strike
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Hitapps
Size 100MB
Latest Version 2.0.04
MOD Unlimited Diamonds, Coins
Category Action
Price FREE

Get ready to participate in shooting wars in the game Join & Strike. According to the action gameplay increases the number of units of soldiers. To create a powerful army capable of striking against all enemies. The objective is to wipe out the enemy forces in the city to complete the mission. More after going through epic battles through adventures. When you reach a certain stage, you still have to face a giant boss. At the same time attacking in its own way, it is necessary to destroy to be able to win. The game also offers many features to explore. However, it should be noted even though it is free to experience in offline mode. But if you want to use all the features, you need to play online mode.

Download Join & Strike MOD APK – Gather Troops To Shoot Guns Against Crowds of Enemies

Follow the gameplay that takes place in each shooting war. You will become a commander of a group of soldiers. They are stickman shooters with their own distinctive colors. It is necessary to move on a large battlefield to recruit soldiers to increase their numbers. They appear in various positions and appear as a white stickman. Move over to be able to recruit, the target gathers into an army in large numbers. Simultaneously destroy enemy units in the journey. After creating a crowd and overcoming all obstacles will proceed to the final battle point. The crowd will be gathered in an Attack Area square. From there attack the incoming waves of enemies.Join & Strike

Level-based missions with action-packed gameplay

Quests based on the game’s content will take place at each level. Each level opens a journey on the vast battlefield. Command your troops to move in search of units. From there, recruit more to increase combat power in larger numbers. Simultaneously shoot down groups of enemies while searching and moving. After clearing all enemies on the battlefield will proceed to the final battle. Ambush the hordes of enemies rushing from within the city gates at the end of the battlefield. After wiping out the enemy will complete a level and receive gold coins with the corresponding amount to accumulate. You can even get double bonus if you watch promotional videos for free.Game Join & Strike

Combat in multiple themes

Through the battle levels in the game Join & Strike. Will open many different topics for you to explore. Besides the normal level, revolves around fighting with waves of enemies. There is also a chance to participate in the reward level. Here there is no enemy attack, nor competition. Instead, the appearance of treasure chests on large columns. Need to bombard to collect chests, when opened will have a chance to get a lot more gold coins. In addition, when reaching certain levels will face bosses. Offers greater challenges to test your team’s strength and strategy.Tai Join & Strike

Fight a variety of bosses and enemies

The course of the mission in the levels will face many different enemies. In addition to the usual enemy units that are equipped with weapons or rush to melee attacks. There are also many types of bosses to fight when reaching certain levels. Each boss type is not only huge in size, outstanding attack ability, and a large amount of health. It is also equipped with weapons to attack in its own style. For example, create seismic punches on your army. Or use magic chief to attack from afar. Accordingly, you will have to observe and learn how to attack each type of boss. From there the solution to be able to defeat and win.Download Join & Strike

Upgrade power-ups

To be able to win in increasingly difficult matches. It is necessary to upgrade the strength of the soldier units. Through the amount of gold collected and accumulated in previous levels. From there, upgrade the damage to be able to fire bullets to create greater damage. Upgrade Squad to increase the number of troops at the start. Also, upgrade Income to increase the bonus after winning. Besides, it should be noted, the amount to upgrade the next time will increase larger.

Using collected gold coins can also unlock many new skins. At Join & Strike there are many different skins to change the appearance of soldiers. For example, the unit wears a mask, wears glasses, wears a hat, wears a mask, and much more. Accordingly, in addition to using money to buy in the game’s store. Some other skins also require collecting enough pieces or watching videos to unlock.

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