Jewel Match King 24.0415.00 MOD Auto Win APK
Jewel Match King MOD APK 24.0415.00

Jewel Match King 24.0415.00 MOD Auto Win APK

By Hai Nam April 16, 2024 (3 days ago)
Name Jewel Match King
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher BitMango
Size 85MB
Latest Version 24.0415.00
MOD Auto Win
Category Puzzle
Price FREE
BitMango opens an exciting adventure. Revolving around the match-3 puzzle theme in the game Jewel Match King. This is a game of the puzzle game genre. Set in a jewel kingdom. Includes many gems with their own distinctive color and shape. Includes triangle bluestone, green hexagon stone, purple diamond, orange stone, and rubies. Your task is to swap and combine to create combos. Collect as much as you can. Besides, the developer supports a lot of unique features. No time limit, you can play your own way. Especially often played in offline mode. This is an interesting point because you can still experience it without a network connection. However, during the gameplay, there will be some banner ads and interstitial videos. 

Download Jewel Match King MOD APK – Match-3 Puzzle To Collect Gems

Enter the puzzle-style adventure of Jewel Match King. Based on the gameplay takes place each level. With thousands of different levels of play provided. Can freely explore, satisfy the passion of conquering challenges of all players. Start participating in the match-3 puzzle game. You need to swap to match stones of the same type. Minimum of 3 or more identical tablets. For example, swap and match 3 purple diamonds. Then will be collected, at the same time, they will disappear. Other stones will be pushed down from above to fill the empty space. Do each puzzle turn in turn in a level. The quest will be completed after the required condition is met.Jewel Match King

Various missions, limited time

Each level in Jewel Match King has its own set of requirements. For example, collect the required number of gems. Destroy the ice on the stones. Remove the magic books. Undo the chains that are locking the gems. Or simply get enough of the given score. With thousands of different levels, it will take you quite a while to conquer. Just like other match-3 puzzle games. Although there is no limit on puzzle time in the levels. But they are all limited in the number of puzzles. At each level, there will be a certain number of puzzles. To get the best results. You need to complete the request with the least number of turns. On the contrary, after using all turns, the puzzle still cannot be completed. The mission will fail, which means replaying that level.Download Jewel Match King

Difficulty increases with each level

In the early stages of puzzle adventure at Jewel Match King. The requirements are quite simple. Just collect a gem in small quantities. This helps you get used to the gameplay. However, each level is increasing day by day. The difficulty will increase each time you enter the next puzzle level. It is necessary to collect many different types of stones, with a larger number of requests. Not only that but also limited by the ice and magic books. They make it impossible to swap the stones to combine. The only way to do that quest is to swap out the non-custodial stones. From there it is possible to break the ice and undo the book’s seal. Now you can expand the scope of match-3 puzzles. Easily complete the requested task.Game Jewel Match King

Support tools

During the progression of levels of Jewel Match King. Sometimes you will have unsolvable problems. For example, the number of puzzles is running out, not enough to complete the request. Or the puzzle encounters a deadlock, unable to find the right stone to combine. At this time, it is possible to use support tools such as boosters, bombs, gyros, and magic wands. Each type of tool has its own unique ability. Can help you to solve difficult problems. But it needs to be used appropriately in each situation. Only then can they effectively exploit their abilities to achieve the best results. For example, a bomb will create an explosion within a certain range. All gems in that range will be collected. The magic wand that helps you collect an entire gem is appearing.
Ear Jewel Match King
Besides using support tools to solve puzzles in Jewel Match King. You can create your own special stones, containing power. By matching 4 or 5 gems. From there will create a special stone. All gems can be collected vertically or horizontally. At the same time apply puzzle skills intelligently. Along with the luck obtained in a puzzling turn. Continuously create combos to achieve high achievement scores.
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