Jelly Shift 1.8.44 MOD Immortal APK
Jelly Shift MOD APK 1.8.44

Jelly Shift 1.8.44 MOD Immortal APK

By Hai Nam April 11, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Jelly Shift
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Size 48MB
Latest Version 1.8.44
MOD Immortal
Category Action
Price FREE

Jelly Shift is an entertaining game in the style of skating on the runway. The content of the game revolves around the operation of controlling the jelly block. Rely on the ability to change shape in different ways to overcome obstacles. The goal is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible to complete the mission. Here you will perform tasks according to each level of play. Open up interesting challenges, but also full of difficulties to overcome. Through it, there is also the opportunity to collect rare gems to use. Unlock new jelly blocks with many unique styles. Moreover, it is also built based on 3D graphics. With sharp image quality, and unique jelly block motion effects. Along with the open environment in many spaces.

Introduce about Jelly Shift – Control Jelly Blocks Slide On Runway!

The content of the game revolves around adventures through the levels of jelly blocks. Here the jelly block does not have a specific shape or size. It can instead be converted to vertical, horizontal, and square shapes. Through the simple touch mechanism used by the game. The process of sliding motion on the common platform. You just need to touch it to change the shape of the jelly block. However, overcoming the obstacles on the runway and reaching the destination will not be easy. Requires you to remember the order of the shape of the jelly blocks after changing. For example, the jelly block is vertical, followed by the horizontal and square blocks. After continuing to change will return to the vertical image.Jelly Shift

Missions by Level

Get ready for a level-by-level adventure on the game’s usual platforms. At each level opens a space designed runway with bright colors. Accordingly, you will control the jelly block sliding on the runway. Aim to overcome obstacles and traps to be able to move forward. Head to the final destination and complete the challenge. The process that takes place at each level also has to chase an item. Try to collect them before reaching the finish line to be able to complete the conditions at the participation level. Then comes the next journey with new challenges waiting.

Through the levels will have to chase many different items. Examples include watermelon pieces, ice cream cones, apples, and birthday cakes. Before the adventure begins, they appear behind the jelly block. But soon will pass ahead and you have to chase. Collect objectives before sliding to the finish line to be able to complete the mission.Game Jelly Shift

Collect gems

The process of controlling the jelly block sliding through the levels of Jelly Shift. Still, have to collect the gems. They appeared scattered along the runway at different points. Moreover, the gems also appear at different heights. Requires you to switch the jelly block with the corresponding shape to be able to touch and collect. For example, gems on high will have to move the jelly block vertically. Or multiple gems appearing at the same time and lying horizontally under the ice. At this point need to turn the jelly block into a horizontal form to collect all. Accordingly, using the gems earned can unlock the jelly blocks with many new styles.Tai Jelly Shift

Dozens of platforms

According to the information provided about the platform of the game. There are dozens of platforms that open in a variety of environments. Expressed through the surrounding colors in the space are reproduced bright. For example gray, green, blue, purple, red, and many more. Especially at a level that takes place, the environment can change many times. Bringing you exciting experiences when controlling jelly blocks sliding on the runway.

More than 200 obstacle variations

Adventure through space platforms that will face more than 200 variations of obstacles. They appear along the runway in each level played out. For example, fences with gaps are not the same. Shown by the size vertical and horizontal. Moreover, there are also pitfalls, if you don’t convert the appropriate jelly, you will fall into the abyss. There are many other obstacles that will open up when coming to the next level.Introduce about Jelly Shift

Starting the game Jelly Shift will control a purple jelly block. But later you can use the collected gems to buy new jelly blocks. They are divided into different categories. Examples include cute animals, unique jelly heroes, and colorful jelly blocks. Each type will have many choices to unlock. But the number of gems to use will not be the same. Depending on your preference for the desired jelly block. Can accumulate enough to buy, and after being controlled a new jelly block will bring a more interesting feeling.

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