Jekyll & Hyde 2.12.1 MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked APK
Jekyll & Hyde MOD APK 2.12.1

Jekyll & Hyde 2.12.1 MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Jekyll & Hyde
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher MazM (Story Games, Adventure)
Size 199MB
Latest Version 2.12.1
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Jekyll & Hyde belongs to the adventure and puzzle genre with a complete story based on the famous classic literary work. It will lead you on an adventure of mysteries in the dark setting of London in the late 19th century. You will solve all the mysteries surrounding the murder of Mr. Hype, a beast. seeking salvation from murder. You will play through the eyes of a famous lawyer. Your task is to find clues and hints to track the whereabouts of the killer, thereby bringing him to light. Your journey will be a series of events and puzzles. Just tap the screen to play, but you’ll have to be a puzzle expert to uncover the full story.

Download Jekyll & Hyde MOD APK – Story-based puzzle gameplay

The story puzzle genre is increasingly popular on mobile, and that’s why you should try Jekyll & Hyde, a game adapted from literature. It has been in the top 3 of the best indie games with a well-rounded story, innovative puzzle gameplay, and a great investment in graphics and sound. This game will captivate you right from the start with captivating storytelling through images and dialogue. There you will play the role of attorney Utterson. Your job is to follow this character to solve the problems in the original story. But you’ll do it with the help of multiple side-character routes, creating a rich and comprehensive experience.


Two dark sides of man

First of all, let’s talk more about the plot of this game because it is the most fascinating. The story is about two characters Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, two opposing characters created from one person. Doctor Mr. Jekyll once performed an experiment on himself to create an animal version called Hype (the “child” part of him APK. Since then, there have been two versions of this doctor, a good side and a bad side. The beastly version of him constantly instilled fear in the city of London at that time with murder cases. And this haunted Mr. Jekyll and make him use death to atone for his sins.

Later, the famous lawyer Utterson came to London with the desire to find out the truth about everything. He accidentally found an old letter from Mr. Jekyll and from there understood the situation. However, his biggest problem right now is catching Hype still roaming the city. He will do it with the help of friends. They will follow thrilling cases to find useful clues. Thereby, they will get closer to Hype and other mysteries in the story of Mr. Jekyll. The game allows you to follow this lawyer’s story, and even influence it through choices.


Search for clues to the mystery

So, your main task in Jekyll & Hyde is to track down Hype through clues left from cases, letters, and obstacles. You need to travel to many different places in the city, meet the characters and seek information from them. Each character will be integrated with their own dialogue, allowing you to interact with them and collect clues. Besides, you can look to the places indicated by the “exclamation point” or “magnifying glass” icon to see what is there. The remaining problem is that you need to reason and analyze to connect the clues together, thereby solving the mystery.

The story of the game and your journey will follow chapter by chapter. In each chapter, the game gives you some interesting quests to explore. By collecting clues and deducing to decipher, you can complete the quests. After certain quests, you will unlock new chapters where new characters and events will be found. Sometimes, difficult tasks will stop you for a long time. You can use the “teacup” icon to find hints, the Timeline to review past events, or the Diary to recall the clues found. These features can help you somewhat.


Dark graphics and catchy background music

Although designed in cartoon style, this game still portrays the gloomy landscape of London in the 19th century. It contributes to the game context when mysterious cases continuously occur. out in this city and spread obsession over everyone. Besides, the thrilling and creepy background music also contributes to promoting the player’s emotions. The music, visuals, and dialogue created an unforgettable puzzle experience in the hearts of fans.

So, are you ready to join the story of Jekyll & Hyde ? It is an adventure and puzzle game that you cannot miss. Immerse yourself in engaging story chapters where you follow the characters to solve mysterious puzzles. Will you find out the truth behind the mystery of the two characters Jekyll and Hyde? Use your intellect and reasoning ability to find the answer.

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