It’s Literatally Just Mowing 1.34.3 MOD Unlimited Ruby APK
It's Literatally Just Mowing MOD APK 1.34.3

It’s Literatally Just Mowing 1.34.3 MOD Unlimited Ruby APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name It's Literatally Just Mowing
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Protostar
Size 155MB
Latest Version 1.34.3
MOD Unlimited Diamond
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Join the game It’s Literatally Just Mowing to perform interesting tasks. Here you will become a farmer to control the lawn mowing vehicle. The task of moving on the lawn to cut to clean up the garden. From there earn rubies and develop your lawn mowing career. This game belongs to the simulation game genre with a combination of 3D graphics. You can play for free in offline, single-player mode to go on a mission alone. Along with that is a series of different features provided by the system. In order to increase the player’s experience in the process of mowing the lawn. From diversely designed vehicle systems, to upgraded parts. Moreover, it is an accessory to highlight the character.

It’s Literatally Just Mowing – Driving Vehicles To Clean The Lawns!

Do you want to enjoy a peaceful life? Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of the game. Enjoy the gameplay of clearing the lawns that grow on the houses’ yards. Through driving a lawn mower for fun. Simultaneously perform missions in different areas. Not only in the garden but also on football fields, playgrounds, and more. From there earn rubies and have a chance to receive a gift box. Unlock new vehicle parts to improve cutting ability.It's Literatally Just Mowing

Character selection

Right at the beginning of the game can choose one of two characters provided by the system. It’s the guy Marv and the girl Maisie. Each character is prominently shaped with a difference in appearance and hairstyle. Depending on your choice to role-play as your favorite character. Over time, through unlocking the hats. From there can also increase the prominence of the character. For example, bottle caps, and beanie caps with different colors.

After coming to the first task proceed with the lawn mowing. You will be given detailed instructions on how to play. Based on the automatic movement mechanism, the vehicle will cut the grass at a slow speed and keep moving forward. Accordingly, you just need to touch and swipe on the screen to navigate. To change the direction of the vehicle to clear the lawn.Game It's Literatally Just Mowing

Quest System

Perform the lawn mowing task in the game It’s Literatally Just Mowing. You will proceed in stages. At each stage, the system will open different areas. Those are the places that need to clear the thick lawn. Starting from the empty garden, after cleaning up to the next house garden. The process will have to control the lawn mowing vehicle flexibly. Make sure not to miss any blades of grass on the lawn. Only then can the task be completed to continue the work? Complete each area in turn until the end of a stage. You will receive a gift box, and once opened will have the opportunity to receive equipment, parts, or rubies.Tai It's Literatally Just Mowing

Incremental challenge

Every time come to the next area to continue the lawn mowing mission. The challenge will increase to make it difficult for you along the way. The lawn area will be larger than before, and obstacles will appear. As well as the surrounding environment is changed. As a result, you have to spend a lot of time driving the lawn mower to clean up. Not stopping there, the number of areas that need cleaning in the new stage also increased. But at the same time, the reward received after completion will be more valuable than before.

Vehicles and parts

Through the job of driving a lawn mower to perform the task. You will have the opportunity to explore many different vehicle models. They are all specialized tractors used on the farm. Equipped with a cutting machine system under the bottom to be able to move and cut at the same time. The difference between them is reflected in the style with a variety of designs. After owning a favorite lawn mower vehicle, you can upgrade and customize it with different parts. Includes cutter, saw blade, seat, wheels, and steering wheel. Each part has many different options. With a difference in color and style, as well as in performance.Introduce about It's Literatally Just Mowing

Clear the lawns in areas in Its Literatally Just Mowing. You also have the opportunity to collect different animals. For example beautiful butterflies, cute dogs, and many lovely cats. From there add to the album to get a diverse collection. Accordingly, each animal is shaped in its own outstanding style. The difference between them is shown in the head, shape, and color of the coat. Collect each species in turn, gradually owning a rich collection in the album.

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