Iron Marines  1.8.4 MOD Lots of credits and tech points, All heroes are unlocked APK
Iron Marines MOD APK 1.8.4

Iron Marines  1.8.4 MOD Lots of credits and tech points, All heroes are unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Iron Marines
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Ironhide Games
Size 49MB
Latest Version 1.8.4
MOD Lots of credits and tech points, All heroes are unlocked.
Category Strategy
Price FREE

Iron Marines is the story behind Kingdom Rush and is also a typical strategic tower defense game. It brings you into the sci-fi story about aliens. Your mission is to fight the alien army when they attack the spaceship of the researchers. To do that, you need to prepare powerful armies with advanced weapons. Just choose and place them logically on the battlefield and enjoy the ultimate real-time strategic battles. The challenges for you will become increasingly difficult as you meet many new enemies. What will you do to deal with the wars? Upgrade and unlock new heroes to diversify your strategy.

Introduce about Iron Marines – Ultimate strategic tower defense gameplay!

Following the success of the previous TD game, Iron Marines with many new points promises to bring a much more interesting experience. It features 21 campaigns on three planets built in a sci-fi theme. With that, it integrates more than 70 different achievements for you to advance and show everyone that you are the best commander in the whole galaxy. With such a massive amount of content, this game can give you an engaging long-term strategy experience. The system of heroes and enemies is increasingly diverse and powerful, allowing you to freely change the squad strategy. Besides, you can take advantage of the power of dozens of advanced weapons. Are these enough for the epic fight?


Fight against the alien armies

The setting of the game takes place on a distant planet. A group of researchers and astronauts are on a mission to explore the universe but are accidentally attacked by a group of bizarre aliens. In order to survive and return to earth, they are forced to work as warriors. And you will help them gain an advantage in this long-term survival battle by controlling the army properly. Your task in each war is to set up defenses with different classes of units. Each unit has its own characteristics and you need to understand that to figure out how to get the most out of it.

The battle will take place in real-time with continuous attacks from the enemy. You need to constantly observe, monitor, and adjust your defenses to respond to the war situation. Simply tap the screen to recruit different classes of units, then drag them to any designated location to be ready to take on any wave of enemies. After each small war, you need to heal groups of troops to continue new battles. After a few battles against waves of enemies, you’ll win and gain access to the new challenge. Each challenge mission allows you to choose one of 4 levels, Casual, Normal, Veteran and Impossible. Choose the level that suits your strategy level.


Unlock and upgrade your army

The battles in Iron Marines will become increasingly fierce as you go deeper into the alien territories. You can encounter new species of enemies from small robots to huge Bosses. Therefore, to maintain your advantage, you need to upgrade your defense. You also need to unlock new groups of troops, including soldiers, heroes, weapons, and vehicles. You can recruit armies of mechanics, crushing battleships, snipers, rocket launchers, iron marines, and more. In particular, there are up to 8 special weapons to help you free the alien hell. Your job is to combine them together in the most suitable way.

The upgrade is necessary to improve your army strength. There are more than 40 upgrades for you to build defenses that get stronger and stronger over time. There are many ways to upgrade, such as improving the hero’s level, adding equipment, and unlocking new skills. You can also upgrade weapons and vehicles to improve their attack range and damage. Do everything to bring your army deeper into the mysterious world of the distant planet and master it.


Explore dozens of battlefield maps

The battlefield map will change dynamically through your campaign missions. So you will have the opportunity to explore dozens of different terrains and environments from dungeon areas to mysterious frozen lands. In each place, the battlefield terrain and enemy system are different. This will alter your strategy in response to unprecedented novelty. Besides, the unique map system makes an incredible planet.


What are you waiting for? Iron Marines is available to download on your phone. Explore the game and take part in the craziest defense campaigns against an army of alien robots. Show your strategy in combining and deploying legions from heroes to cutting-edge weapons and vehicles and rise up the leaderboard.

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