Interstellar Pilot 2 2.0.52 MOD Menu VIP, God e, Lots of Money APK
Interstellar Pilot 2 MOD APK 2.0.52

Interstellar Pilot 2 2.0.52 MOD Menu VIP, God e, Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Interstellar Pilot 2
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher pixelfactor
Size 215MB
Latest Version 2.0.52
MOD Menu, God Mode, Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Continuing the content of the previous version of the game Interstellar Pilot 2. Here there are many new features provided to increase the experience for players. When participating, they will be able to drive spaceships to operate in space. Explore the unknowns of humanity. As well as fighting alien dangers. In addition to the improved features from the first part. The game also has many new features for you to enjoy. From the spaceship system to hundreds of types to explore. Up to the quest with tough challenges to face. At the same time, the graphics and sound quality are improved for a better experience. With optimized and intuitive steering for easy operation.

Introduce about Interstellar Pilot 2 – Large Space Ship Driving Simulator Game!

Here the game’s graphics are upgraded to bring a more realistic experience to every player. With a combination of vivid 3D graphics. Recreate scenes during the operation like a fantasy HD movie. The same sharp image quality is reproduced in dark spaces. Get realistic inspiration from the outer space environment. In addition, the motion effects of the ships are realistically simulated. It can be seen through the jet engine when increasing and decreasing the ship’s speed. Along with that indispensable sound system. With realistic, quiet sound simulation in outer space. Gives you the feeling of operating a realistic ship.Game Interstellar Pilot 2

Spacecraft Driving School

Start the game from a spaceship-driving school. Here are detailed instructions for each feature to operate. However, it is not like the reality of controlling a spaceship. Instead of having a lot of complicated operations and buttons to perform. The publisher has removed it to simulate the steering system visually. With some simple operations for you to use easily. Navigating the movement of the ship will pass two icons. Along with that is the mechanism of acceleration and deceleration expressed in the form of a horizontal lever. Besides, it is possible to use the ship’s fire system to attack the target when necessary. Everything will be detailed in the school. But to be flexible and operate stably, it takes time to cultivate and improve.Ear Interstellar Pilot 2

Various activities and missions

Coming to Interstellar Pilot 2 can perform a variety of activities. After completing the training course to pilot a spaceship at the school. Will take a ship and fly into the vast universe. Here will have to perform a lot of tasks. For example, build a space station, build a factory, build a fleet, and much more. Each activity will be done over several days. Moreover, they have to fight against attacks from other spaceships. This will be a challenging outer space battle for survival.

Through the process of driving the ship will take on many roles. Examples include mercenaries, merchants, passenger carriers, and freight carriers. What’s more to become a bounty hunter to hoard resources. By hunting down other spaceships and stealing their resources.Introduce about Interstellar Pilot 2

Hundreds of spaceships

According to the information provided by the game about the ship system. There are hundreds of different spaceships for you to explore. Each type takes on a specific role and has different operating capabilities. The difference between them is not only in style. It is also shown through the ability to operate with its own advantages. For example, the Citizen spacecraft can carry citizens across asteroids. Enforcers with outstanding offensive advantages can be used against bandits in outer space. Or Plunderer can be used to raid merchants and steal their resources. There are many other types of spaceships that you will learn in detail when participating.Interstellar Pilot 2

Do you want to create your own universe? Simultaneously piloting a spaceship in the very universe that I created? Through the sandbox mode of Interstellar Pilot 2 can do as desired. With so many different choices provided by the system. From there you can customize the universe according to your own creativity. From the space environment to factory stations located on planets. After creating a private universe in sandbox mode. It is possible to drive a spaceship to move freely and explore unknown regions of space.

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