IFyou:episodes-love stories 1.2.53 MOD Free Premium Choices APK
IFyou:episodes-love stories MOD APK 1.2.53

IFyou:episodes-love stories 1.2.53 MOD Free Premium Choices APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name IFyou:episodes-love stories
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher PIER Corporation Inc.
Size 64MB
Latest Version 1.2.53
MOD Free Premium Choices
Category Simulation
Price FREE

IFyou:episodes-love stories is an interactive visual novel game for mobile. It is a very new name on the market but has already attracted a large number of fans. It offers a rich collection of stories on a variety of topics. Every story has a compelling plot, interesting character lines, and beautiful illustrations. So what is your favorite story? Pick an interesting story and change it up your way. Just click on the screen to select a reply and see how things change. So, you will decide the ending of each story. And what is more interesting? Introduce about the game and enjoy it now.

IFyou:episodes-love stories – Interactive game with anime design!

“If it were you, what would you choose?” That’s the question for you when participating in IFyou:episodes-love stories. It’s like a treasure trove of comics being visualized. Here you will find stories with vivid, modern images and many interesting open endings. The way the story is discovered is nothing new. You just follow the process: choose the story – customize the character with costumes and accessories – change the character’s fate through choices – collect different endings. The outcome of each story is an ending of your own design. But you can go back to the story again if you want to change its ending.


Diverse story collection

It is impossible to know how many stories this game has now. But it’s a big number and keeps growing with the game’s updates. Besides, the story system is divided into many categories of genres. Typically, it’s the romance genre (“Revolutionary Princess Eve” is the best-selling story APK. In addition, it has a fantasy genre (the most prominent story is “Lout-of-Count’s-Family” APK. Moreover, you will find many other genres like horror, drama, action, etc. And many more outstanding stories are also available, like “Touch My Little Brother and You’re Dead”, “To You Who” and “To You Who” Swallowed a Star” … Discover them on your own.


Detailed character system

Every story in this game is well designed. In particular, the character system is the soul of each story. A character’s appearance, temperament, and dialogue will vary depending on its story and genre. But all of them have an attractive beauty that you can’t ignore. Besides, you also have the right to customize the appearance of your character with available costumes. That’s how you really get the feeling of role-playing like that. Of course, you can’t customize every part of your character in detail like in a fashion game. But that is not the problem of IFyou:episodes-love stories.

In particular, the character system is described with interesting personalities. It can be a girl with personality, feminism, superiority, or a rich, affluent, and gallant guy. What personality do you like? The personalities of the characters are very diverse in the stories. You will gradually discover it as you go deeper into the final details. Besides, it must be affirmed again the importance of the character. They play various roles in your story and form relationships. It can be a best friend, lover, enemy, or any other role. You can change the affinity level through selections. Choose wisely to navigate the story the way you want.


Review selection results

This game allows you to review a previously played story. Just click on the story you want and select “Show Choice”. You will then be able to review all your choices and how the story unfolds. This is how you analyze the selection process, thereby finding better solutions to find the desired ending. In other words, you have the right to explore a story over and over until you’re satisfied. You don’t need to pay per return. But if you want to choose premium answers, you need to pay stars. And the version in this article is the solution for you to choose for free.


Beautiful and modern anime images

It can be said that this is one of the games with the best design. It invests heavily in image quality to give you the best experience. Most of the images in the game are designed in anime style – a style very familiar to young people. In addition, the character system is well described from appearance to costumes, expressions, and dialogue. Even the music is great. It plays the role of guiding your emotions through different story situations.

Please download IFyou:episodes-love stories if you love its stories. You will find here dozens of interesting stories with modern design. Each story will leave you with many emotions. It can be sadness, happiness, horror, and more. Choose your favorite genre to find the right feeling you want. A great emotional adventure awaits discovery here.

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