Idle Slice and Dice 2.7.1 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Idle Slice and Dice MOD APK 2.7.1

Idle Slice and Dice 2.7.1 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name Idle Slice and Dice
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher In-game purchases
Size 45MB
Latest Version 2.7.1
MOD Free Shopping
Category Simulation
Price FREE

The management model game has been built into famous titles by many developers. In it, it is impossible not to mention the game Idle Slice and Dice. The game is built in the style of simulation management. The content takes place around the cutting factory. As a manager, you will have to operate the factory. Perform various activities to maintain and develop. Growth target tis o become a biggest cutting factory. To help everyone who participates have the best experience. In addition to the features added by the system. There is much more interesting content on offer. Not only bright graphics, create an interesting play space. The sound system is also very vivid. Use fun background music. Incorporating the console is very simple.

Introduce about Idle Slice and Dice – Managing and Operating the Cutting Factory for Production!

Play as a cutting factory manager at the game Idle Slice and Dice. You will have to manually run all the work to develop the factory. Through the various features used by the system. Includes speed, cutter, and growth schedule. Each feature plays a very important role in the maintenance and development process. Because they directly affect the cutting plant. The faster the speed, the greater the number of cuts. Selection of good cutters, with superior capabilities. From there can cut more efficiently. Finally, the growth schedule, evaluates the operation of the factory. Throughout the management and operation process. You need to pay attention to these three features. Because they are indispensable elements in the management model of the game. Will be increased to a new level after meeting the requirements.Idle Slice and Dice

Continuously upgrade

Upgrading is one of the activities performed continuously in Idle Slice and Dice. Here, the performance of the cutting plant is assessed by level. With a process done by cutting the material. They are placed on a chain. Will automatically move to the cutting edge at a fixed position. Your task is to upgrade the blade, and the line so that the material is produced faster. Over time, after the progress bar is full will increase to a new level. At the same time, you can continue to upgrade and unlock many new features. Depending on the level achieved, the progression in later levels will be more difficult than before. That requires your management skills in arranging work. Perform all activities in the best way to achieve high efficiency.Game Idle Slice and Dice

Types of cutting blades

The factory you manage uses the cutting edge to produce the ingredients. Here, Idle Slice and Dice are provided with many different types of blades. They are used for a general-purpose, which is to cut materials on the production line. The difference between each type of blade is shown by color and shape. Over time, you will unlock many different types of blades. For example, blade, laser blade, saw blade,… Many other types of blades will be unlocked. Along with that, the game has a lot of different materials to explore. For example some fruits like watermelon,… Or logs, stars, and multi-colored plates. The difference of each material is expressed in the amount of mining in a second.Introduce about Idle Slice and Dice

Diamonds and gold coins

Diamonds and gold coins are the two main currencies used in Idle Slice and Dice. Each currency plays a unique role in trading activities. Diamonds are of a higher classification. Used to buy items, and unlock features. Meanwhile, gold coins are generally used in transactions. For example, upgrading production lines, and unlocking new knives and materials. In order to make a lot of money, you need to run the factory efficiently. Through various tasks, after completion will be received. Also can get more bonuses by watching free promotional videos.Tai Idle Slice and Dice

Throughout the process of operating and developing the cutting factory in Idle Slice and Dice. The fun background music is very impressive. Help every player enjoy the feeling of comfort through the sound clips. Along with that, the game’s graphic effects are built on a 2D platform. The image quality is vivid, and the shaping of the factory objects is very unique. At the same time, the publisher uses bright colors to reproduce. Gives you a more vivid perspective and brings a feeling of excitement.

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