Idle Coffee Corp 2.341 MOD Lots of Money APK
Idle Coffee Corp MOD APK 2.341

Idle Coffee Corp 2.341 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Idle Coffee Corp
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher StarBerry Games
Size 81MB
Latest Version 2.341
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Idle Coffee Corp is a great simulation game with a super cute cartoon design. Join the game, you become a manager of a coffee restaurant chain and can get rich from there. Just click on the screen to upgrade and manage everything in your restaurant, from staff to coffee recipes and customer service. Growth is unlimited. Customers are increasing day by day, promoting non-stop upgrading to improve the sales and reputation of the restaurant. Not just one, there are dozens of restaurants built in many parts of the world. Show your management talent to profit from all restaurant establishments, drive sales and become the tycoon of the caffeine industry. Get rich with just a few clicks, simple right?

Introduce about Idle Coffee Corp – Become the leader of the cafe restaurant chain!

Have you ever thought about this? Either way, Idle Coffee Corp will also satisfy you with fun simulation gameplay. It is a place where you can satisfy your endless passion for coffee and restaurant management. Despite being the manager of it all, you always feel relaxed and idle. The game will keep you happy all day with dozens of quests from upgrades to expansions and unlocking. There are hundreds of unique and creative coffee recipes here. You don’t need to come up with a recipe, just unlock it and put it on the restaurant’s menu. Customers will pay for your unique coffee. More customers mean more money, strive for your own wealth.


Manage all operations in the restaurant

The process that takes place in each of your coffee shops has been significantly shortened. But it still includes the basic steps from coffee processing, customer service, and payment. The cafe model in this game is a takeaway form. Therefore, you do not need to think too much about designing the restaurant, shopping for furniture, decorating tables and chairs, and enjoying space for customers. Enjoy an optimized management process and click on the screen to push things forward. In particular, you always need to pay attention to the waiters, bartenders, and cashiers.

Not just coffee, your restaurant can add new items like juices, fast food, and desserts. When you diversify your menu, you can attract more customers and more revenue streams. But you also need effective marketing policies to popularize the restaurant to more people. For example, you can use your membership card to keep customers coming back again and again. Do not hesitate to apply special offers for VIP members. They will return to the restaurant and promote your coffee to their friends, thereby boosting your reputation. However, more customers mean longer wait times. You need to upgrade many things to accelerate progress and satisfy customers with super fast service.


Unlimited upgrades and expansions

There are quite a few things that need to be upgraded in your restaurant in Idle Coffee Corp. Firstly, you need to upgrade the processing and payment counters to improve the quality of the machines. The staff at each counter also needs to be upgraded to work faster and harder. Second, you need to expand your menu with new coffees. There are hundreds of coffee and dessert recipes for you to unlock and attract customers with different needs. Also, you need more staff when the customers are larger. If you upgrade everything properly, the price of each drink is also upgraded to x2 or x6 times.

Besides, your journey doesn’t just stop at a restaurant. The game allows you to expand your restaurant chain to every corner of the world. In each place, you can sell different types of coffee that suit the preferences of the inhabitants of that country. This is important to help you gain the attention and love of your customers. Before long, you will have control of dozens of coffee shops. It is a true coffee empire with the ability to generate huge profits.


3D graphics with fun cartoon design

Unlike many games of the same genre, this game is designed in a square block animation style. The characters in the game seem similar to Minecraft style but more modern and detailed. Each character is designed with a unique look thanks to the variety of costumes, skin colors, and more. The restaurant scene is always bright and colorful. Fun music and interesting effects also create a highlight, helping to relax for a long time playing the game.


Idle Coffee Corp will keep you happy all day with idle simulation gameplay. Explore the game and learn how to become the manager of the biggest coffee empire on the planet. This is also a place where you can demonstrate your talent to enjoy idle profits. You should think of a reasonable strategy to upgrade and expand your restaurant to every corner of the world.

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