Idle Barber Shop Tycoon 1.1.0 MOD Lots of Money APK
Idle Barber Shop Tycoon MOD APK 1.1.0

Idle Barber Shop Tycoon 1.1.0 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Idle Barber Shop Tycoon
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Codigames
Size 128MB
Latest Version 1.1.0
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Idle Barber Shop Tycoon is a fun and idle management simulator. Join the game, you will become the manager of a barbershop. You need to provide fast-speed and high-quality hairdressing services to satisfy all of your clients. From a small old shop to a hairdressing empire in the city, nothing is impossible. Moreover, you just need to click on the screen to manage it all and enjoy the continuously increasing profits. More customers, more sales. But you need more employees and expand the size of the store. Make wise decisions for each aspect and help your barber shop top in the city. No one does not know your brand, that’s when you are a real management tycoon.

Download Idle Barber Shop Tycoon MOD APK – Build and manage your barber shop

Are you ready for an idle management process? Forget about restaurant management simulators for a while, now you are a potential barber shop owner. You bought an old salon and started your hairdressing passion here. Let’s start cleaning the old furniture and work hard to renovate the shop. But luckily, you don’t need to touch every single activity in the salon. Because you are in charge of everything, from design and construction to staff and revenue management. You will see all the activities in the process visually represented on the screen. The flow of customers in and out of the store and the number of profits constantly increasing, what could be better than that?


Enjoy idle profit

Starting from a small model, you have to work hard to improve your barber shop over time. Initially, your store is only efficient enough to serve a few customers at a time. But you need to ensure the quality of each service, from haircut to beard trimming, shampoo, massage, and more. You need specialized staff for each service to do the job. After a series of actions, you will help customers change their appearance and be happier. They will pay proportionately for the quality of service. Thanks to that, you can get rich every minute. With the money earned, do not keep them in the account. Use it to invest in a shop redesign, buy furniture and decorations and give it a new color.

Besides, you need to take care of many other things in the shop. Make sure your customers have a comfortable seat ready to wait. In addition, you need to arrange many different areas to serve customers with unique needs. Sometimes, there will be miscommunication between employees and customers. You need to pay attention to this problem and have a quick solution. Furthermore, a customer will not want to wait too long. You need to upgrade speed, add staff and improve work efficiency. More customers served brings more revenue. Want to be a barber tycoon, decide wisely.


Upgrade and develop the shop

To achieve your dreams in Idle Barber Shop Tycoon, you need to upgrade non-stop. There are quite a few things that need to be improved to drive progress and revenue. First, employees are the most important in your store. You need true barbers to create beautiful and trendy hairstyles that will satisfy different clients. Besides, you also need to upgrade them over time to unlock new skills. They can create new beards, mustaches, and hairstyles after each upgrade.

Second, you need to invest more in equipment and tools. Be prepared with hair gel, hair dryer, scissors, comb, razor blade, hair dye, and more. At the same time, to accommodate more customers and furniture, you need to expand the size of the store. You can even open new stores at different locations in the city. Before long, you will have a chain of barbershops, a professional staff, and a huge customer base. Then you just sit still to enjoy the idle profit.


Fun graphics with cube style

Unlike many other simulation games, this game is designed with a block style similar to lego models. But it still provides a realistic and vivid experience. Character images, furniture, and more are all designed in detail. The experience space is always colorful, the music is light and joyful. So the game is very suitable for relaxing on your phone.


Are you ready to be the manager of the barbershop? Idle Barber Shop Tycoon will help you make your dreams come true. Managing a business and spreading its reputation everywhere is your mission. But just relax, follow the stories of the employees and manage everything with the click of the screen. You have to create many new hairstyles to attract new customers, do not hesitate to grow.

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