ID Please 1.5.44 MOD Lots of Money APK
ID Please - Club Simulation MOD APK 1.5.44

ID Please 1.5.44 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name ID Please - Club Simulation
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 91MB
Latest Version 1.5.44
MOD Unlimited Full Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

ID Please MOD APK is a new game released in 2021. But with attractive gameplay, it has quickly attracted many players to participate. More than 10 million people downloaded it just a few months after its release. Lion Studios has established its name on the MOBA game platform. Has simple gameplay but is very addictive. You can even play games for hours without eating or drinking. Having said that, you can feel how attractive this gameplay is. Become a notorious protector in the city. Working for a big bar, visited by many tycoons and playboys. The job is simple, just collect tickets and look after passengers’ vehicles. There is a lot of free time for you to do other things. This is what I really like about this game. Every day I often experience stress, pressure, tension and fatigue. But when playing games, I seem to forget everything and immerse myself in the virtual world. If you don’t believe it, download it and test it. The article ID Please 1.5.44 MOD Lots of Money APK is even more interesting when you learn thoroughly about the mod features built into this version.

Introduce about ID Please – Role-play as a notorious security guard in the city!

Your main task in ID Please is to ensure order and security for the shop. Facing those who want to cause trouble and sabotage, you need to have appropriate punishments. Make them so scared that they don’t want to cause trouble anymore. This way your brand and reputation will be known to many people. And certainly wages will be increased higher. For guests who come to have fun at the restaurant, they need a ticket and ID card to enter. If anyone doesn’t have one or has a fake card, please kick them all out. It’s very possible that bad guys want to mix in and cause trouble for the shop. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to follow the correct procedure. If you do a good job, there will be big, famous stores that invite you to work. Just hearing it sounds interesting, right? Let’s explore more interesting things with us.

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Character and life

Have you ever thought that women can be security guards? In ID Please there will be 2 characters corresponding to 2 genders male or female for you to choose from. Strength, talent, opportunities are the same. It will definitely bring players many great experiences. The system allows you to change your character’s appearance. You can customize eye color, body shape, voice, etc… Change the style to your liking. But the two characters will have certain things in common that you cannot change. Those are uniforms, jobs, etc…. And some other parameters as well. Level is the criterion for shops and cafes to choose. Try to complete the assigned tasks well, your character will be promoted to a higher level. Along with that comes a small amount of bonus money. The system will provide the character with a house near the workplace to make transportation more convenient.

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Things to pay attention to when working

While working, you need to pay attention to all activities and developments in the shop. Both inside and at the entrance. If you see anyone showing signs of trouble, please arrest them. Don’t be distracted by outside factors. The system will have many things that will distract you. Such as: a music show on the side of the road, an accident nearby, etc… Don’t let these things affect your concentration. There are many guests who, because they want to get in, have forged documents, IDs, etc…. It doesn’t matter what the reason is if they don’t have all the required system information. No one is allowed inside the shop. Being able to do this is the bravery of a protector.

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ID Please is considered by many players to have quite beautiful graphics. The scenes in the game are designed vividly and realistically. Activities and effects take place smoothly, without any lag in the game. Because the publisher has optimized the game’s graphics to the maximum. The capacity is only a few tens of MB and can be downloaded easily on any touch phone. Even though the graphics are so optimized. But it doesn’t affect your experience at all. Images and scenes in the game should be sharp and similar to reality. Players will feel like they are becoming real guards. The guests are modeled from many different angles. Like: Drunk, cold, funny, etc. Through the photos in this article you can feel it.

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ID Please is a game that is very suitable for those who are often stressed, pressured, and tired from work. I’m sure you will forget all the unhappy things and dispel fatigue. Instead, there are moments of relaxation and laughter with the security guard. Fun sound effects make you laugh. The game is completely free, so there is no reason for you to refuse. Introduce about ID Please for entertainment with a funny security guard character.

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