Horizon 1.4.11 MOD Lots of Money, Shopping Without Money, Premium APK
Horizon MOD APK 1.4.11

Horizon 1.4.11 MOD Lots of Money, Shopping Without Money, Premium APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Horizon
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Ketchapp
Size 57MB
Latest Version 1.4.11
MOD Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Premium
Category Action
Price FREE

Horizon is an abstract game. The content revolves around the journey of controlling a spaceship to overcome obstacles. Move-in various worlds built around platforms. Also, collect the gems that appear along the flight path. The goal is to move as far as possible to get a high score. Try to surpass your own previous achievements and prove yourself. Moreover, there is an opportunity to compare scores with other players around the world. This is a game designed based on the 3D space platform. With a combination of spaces and Leon light effects. From there opens an exciting flying adventure, with many different tasks to perform.

Horizon – Maneuver the Spaceship Over Obstacles and Terrain!

Based on the space ship driving gameplay that takes place endlessly in worlds. You’ll rely on the touch-and-swipe operating mechanism to navigate the ship’s movements. Dodge the obstacles created by the terrain and collect the gems. Keep moving forward to increase the achievement score. The journey only stops until the spaceship you control collides with an obstacle. Then the adventure will stop and the achievement will be based on the score. It is also possible to start a new journey from the starting point. In general, the gameplay mechanism is quite simple, but overcoming the terrain will not be easy at all. Because you will encounter many challenges the further you go.Horizon MOD

More than 100 challenges

According to the content of the game opens more than 100 different challenges. Each challenge may have to be piloted several times before it can be completed. For example, complete 5 world trips, surpassing your own to set a new record. Collect the specified number of gems in one adventure. Successfully steer the moving train to reach the required score. There are many other missions that will be opened each time the next challenge comes. The difficulty of the quest when it comes to a new challenge will increase. With the given conditions, it will be difficult to complete compared to before. Requires your skills to operate the flexible flying spaceship.Game Horizon MOD

The influence of terrain

The process of driving a spaceship to perform a mission in the game Horizon at LMHAPKSS. The terrain is a factor that directly affects the results. It will make you difficult to control. Because there is no chance to correct the mistake, as soon as the collision with the terrain will cause the journey to end. Accordingly, the terrain will constantly change with the travel distance. They are presented in the form of models incorporating Leon lights. You need to dodge to avoid a collision so that you can continue to move forward. The number of points also from there that constantly increases to be able to achieve new achievements.Tai Horizon MOD

Difficulty increases with distance

According to the distance traveled by the spaceship, the difficulty will increase with more challenges to overcome. For example, the speed of the train is faster, making it difficult for you to control. Or the terrain is complicatedly changed with the occurrence of larger obstacles. Since then, it is difficult to be able to avoid and handle unexpected situations. This will require focus to observe and combine with agility. Dodge the obstacles flexibly and accurately to be able to continue the journey.

Explore 25 worlds

Through the spaceship driving adventure unfolds. You will have the opportunity to explore 25 different worlds. They are built on foundations with a combination of Leon lights. For example, flying over rocky mountains with blue lights or primeval forests with green lights. There are many other areas with lights like red, yellow, and purple waiting for you to explore. Even more interesting, in a journey it is possible to drive the train through many different dimensions. When you reach a certain distance, another world will be opened.Introduce about Horizon MOD

MOD APK feature implemented of Horizon

  • Lots of Money
  • Shopping Without Money
  • MOD Premium

According to the information provided by Horizon in the introduction. There are more than 40 different ships for you to use. They are all individually designed spaceships. Expressed through shape, style, size and color. Moreover, each ship creates a light effect with its own color. Combined with the Leon lights reflected on the hull. Thereby creating a unique operation process. But to be able to unlock will have to use gems collected and purchased.

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