Horizon Chase 2.6.5 MOD Unlocked IAP/Skins APK
Horizon Chase MOD APK 2.6.5

Horizon Chase 2.6.5 MOD Unlocked IAP/Skins APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Horizon Chase
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherAquiris Game Studio S.A
Latest Version2.6.5
MOD Unlocked IAP/Skins
Price FREE

Horizon Chase will bring you into the classic Arcade tracks of the 80s and 90s. It is truly addictive with its fast-paced racing gameplay and classic yet innovative 16-bit graphic style. Join the game, you will find attractive races in many modes. You can race against AI and online multiplayer on your favorite cars. The track map is also extremely rich with vivid changes in weather. Intuitive and optimized driving mechanics let you enjoy the track with just your fingers. Turn on the throttle and enjoy the passion for speed at your fingertips. Try to overcome all to finish with the top 1 position on the track.

Horizon Chase – Addictive arcade racing gameplay!

While modern racing games are taking the market by storm, an arcade game like Horizon Chase still attracts millions of racers around the world. It proves its appeal through multiplayer racing tracks with stunning environments and surreal engine sounds. Moreover, it pleases gamers who love a bit of a classic but are highly creative. You will feel it in the design of the game as well as the racing rules in all modes. There is no mission other than racing for you. So it retains the best of racing games from the past, plus exciting new points worth enjoying.


Explore the race tracks in multiple modes

So far, the game has a few typical modes, including Campaign, Weekly Challenge, and World Tour. In each mode, you will find dozens of exciting racing missions in many locations, where there are always many racers waiting for you to compete. From there, a total of more than 70 tracks, 40 cities, and up to 8 cup tournaments are available to explore and conquer. The races come with valuable rewards and the chance for you to rank up. Therefore, no matter which racing mode you love, do your best to conquer the rankings and worthy rewards. On the track, you will not be alone. Your goal is to beat all opponents in each round to finish first.

On the track, you need to learn how to master the driving maneuvers to gain an advantage in the speed competition. The game allows gamers to choose their favorite controller before each race. But basically, you will control the car with virtual buttons of arrows, brakes, and nitro tanks. If you want to shorten the operation, choose the non-brake controller. At that time, you can touch anywhere to brake to control the speed of the car. The nitro tank is the only thing that helps you speed up on the track. Use them at the right time and effectively because you only have a certain amount of nitro. On the track, don’t miss the shining coins if you can collect them while keeping up the speed and rank.


Unlock car collection and maps

There are more than 20 different vehicles available in Horizon Chase ‘s store. It is inspired by the design of the world’s leading automakers such as BMW, Ferrari, GR45, and more. But you can’t own them in the first place. You need to complete track missions to earn coins and unlock new cars. Besides, you can upgrade cars by customizing their parts. The upgrade will help improve the car’s important stats, namely speed, acceleration, handling, nitro, and fuel. Each different vehicle will have its own value for each of these stats.

Besides the car collection, the game will keep you interested with the unique map list. You can race on beautiful tracks through forests, deserts, snowy lands, and more. It is a chance to enjoy the passion of speed in different environmental conditions from sunset to rain, snow, volcanic ash, and even severe storms. Day or night, you’ve got plenty of riders to compete with and exciting soundtracks to enjoy.


Realistic engine sounds, 16-bit graphics

Powerful cars carry with them the authentic engine sound, which is the most exciting thing on the track. Besides, the environment with the 16-bit graphic design creates a classic atmosphere but does not lose the modernity of current mobile games. In particular, the in-game tunes are performed by the famous musician behind the arcade racing game soundtracks. You will be mesmerized by the charm in each beat as you enjoy each speed race.


Don’t hesitate to join Horizon Chase and enjoy the races just for you. Those are beautiful racetracks with a retro style but full of creativity. You will race with many players and aim for the highest rankings. There are dozens of unique cars and maps for you to bring to your track here.

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