Horizon Chase 2 2.6.5 MOD Lots of Money Nitro Gas, Unlocked IAP, skins APK
Horizon Chase 2 MOD APK 2.6.5

Horizon Chase 2 2.6.5 MOD Lots of Money Nitro Gas, Unlocked IAP, skins APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Horizon Chase 2
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Optional
Size 4.9GB
Latest Version 2.6.5
MOD Unlimited Money Nitro Gas, Unlocked IAP, skins
Category Racing
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Price FREE

Horizon Chase 2 is the second part to follow the previous version. The content is still designed based on the old gameplay. But there will be many elements to be changed, as well as many new features to be updated. Helping all players when participating will enjoy more exciting car races. Accordingly, the racing system is diverse with many new models added. Rich missions that revolve around racing in progress. Need to pass the levels to become the best racer. Have the opportunity to explore many racing tracks with vivid environment designs. With a combination of sharp 3D graphics. Image quality is bright and simulates in various locations. Will definitely help you enjoy the exciting race.

Download Horizon Chase MOD APK – The Rank Competition Between Racers

The content of the game Horizon Chase 2 revolves around the classic races of the 90s. With the mechanism of touching the iconic buttons to operate the vehicle. You need to use flexibility to control the racing car on the road precisely. Following that will navigate through the two left and right arrows displayed in the left corner of the screen. Right above is nitro energy with limited usage. Similarly, the right corner of the screen displays the accelerator icon. Touch and hold to increase speed on the road. Next display the current speed that the vehicle is operating. The top shows a miniature map that helps you keep track of your current position, as well as your opponents ahead and behind.Horizon Chase 2

Online racing

Based on the online mode of the game when participating. Horizon Chase 2 You will test your skills in two different racing themes. Invite friends to drive together to conquer the terrain in locations. Finish excellent progress with each race. At the same time win attractive prizes by reaching the finish line in the shortest time possible. Besides, there is a racing theme that competes with opponents from all over the world. Each racer owns his own vehicle. You will join them to compete for skills on the road with dangerous terrain. Everyone will follow the rules of the game. The person who completes the fastest number of laps and finishes first will win.Game Horizon Chase 2

World tour mode and rewards

Do you want to race around the world through different locations? Come to the world tour mode of the game Horizon Chase 2. Here will open racing locations according to each level. Each location will have to compete with other riders. Join them to compete for the top spot with the goal of becoming the winner when they reach the finish line first. Based on the completion time, after finishing a race, you will receive many attractive rewards.

The rewards received include medals and a limited amount of green coins collected during the race. Along with the number of credits received based on the finished ranking. In addition, racing vehicles will receive accumulated experience points. When you meet the requirements, you will level up to a new level.Tai Horizon Chase 2

The change when it comes to the next mission

After completing a level in world tour racing mode. May come to the race in the next location. Accordingly, there will be a change in many factors to challenge your skills. The race venue will be opened in a different landscaped environment. As well as the terrain of the track is designed to be curvy, there are more bends and turns. At the same time, there are competitors who have the ability to outperform before. Make it difficult for your racing car to compete for the high-ranking position on the road.

Various locations

There are some race tracks in the game. For example, racing on the old streets of the town, surrounded by construction sites. Race in a dimly lit cave or on a road along the coast with a sunset environment. Moreover will compete on the village road in the night environment. There are many other locations that will be unlocked to explore when participating. Each location is designed with stunning and lively landscapes.Download Horizon Chase 2

MOD APK Feature of Horizon Chase

  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited Nitro Gas
  • Unlocked IAP, skins

The game Horizon Chase 2 has a variety of racing cars for you to explore. For example, a convertible, a sports car, a supercar, a mini car, and even a pickup. And there are many vehicles in different segments waiting for you to explore. The difference between them is not only reflected in the body design and paint color. It is also evaluated through performance indicators. Including top speed, acceleration when pressing the gas, flexible control, and top speed when using nitro.

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