Hopeless: The Dark Cave 5.0.0 MOD Unlocked Weapons APK
Hopeless: The Dark Cave MOD APK 5.0.0

Hopeless: The Dark Cave 5.0.0 MOD Unlocked Weapons APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Hopeless: The Dark Cave
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Upopa Games
Size 55MB
Latest Version 5.0.0
Category Action
Price FREE

Hopeless: The Dark Cave opens a dark space. With the appearance of fearsome monsters lurking in the dark. They are targeting the trembling blob. Become a guardian to step into action-style levels. You will be accompanied by blob attacks against monsters. Destroy them before losing your life to protect yourself. The goal is to survive until the light returns. From there will survive and escape from scary monsters. This game belongs to the genre of action games, combined with shooting gameplay. Joined in offline mode, no need to connect to the network, and can still play for free. But if you want to experience all the features that the game brings. A network connection is required, then one can link to social networking sites.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave – Accompanying Blobs in Dark Cave!

Have you played a game with a similar theme? Do you know how the control mechanism works? After downloading to the device to participate in the game. There will be instructions from the system, shown through an image. Based on the mechanism designed in the simplest and most optimal way. With just one finger can also play during the mission. Through tapping to attack the monsters as they appear. Accordingly, even if you are a new player, it is easy to get used to right from the start. But being able to help the blob survive is another factor because it requires flexibility, as well as high accuracy and quick reflexes.Hopeless- The Dark Cave

Requires skill and precision

Will the blob survive until the light returns? Everything depends on your companion in the process of survival. Start with a single blob to fight the monsters. They appeared suddenly from the darkness and charged out. Need to focus on observation and touch accurately to fire. Accordingly, skill is one of the most important factors for survival. Requires precision and agility to touch monsters as soon as they appear. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly cultivate reflexes to improve abilities. From there it is possible to survive the fearsome monsters lurking in the dark.Game Hopeless- The Dark Cave

The gameplay takes place

The gameplay of Hopeless: The Dark Cave takes place in the form of action shooting. In the background at a dark cave, only a small ray of light shines in. This is the blob’s chance to survive. Because the monsters hid in the darkness, only when they approached the light did they appear. Accordingly, the trembling blob will stand in a small area of ​​light. If a monster appears, use the equipped gun and attack. The process takes place, and when a time comes, a new blob will appear. From there will increase the number of members to improve survivability against more and more enemies.Tai Hopeless- The Dark Cave

The process of performing the task

Each killed a monster in the dark will increase the achievement score. At the same time, it is necessary to perform specific tasks given at each stage. It’s a set of blob groups with a particular count. When completing the request, the system will give you a new challenge. It is necessary to assemble the blob group with a larger number first. At the same time, the number will not stop increasing. The journey will last until the monster destroys the entire blob. At that time, the achievement will be evaluated based on the score achieved. Even if there is a last glimmer of hope, try to keep attacking to survive. Prove your ability in the process of accompanying the blob.Introduce about Hopeless- The Dark Cave

Unlock many new items

Based on the number of achievement points achieved after finishing a game screen. You can unlock many different items. For example, reaching 10 thousand points will unlock some monsters. Moreover, when reaching 50 thousand will receive a superior gun. It is even possible to expand the light range thanks to the water bottle when reaching 200 thousand achievement points. Much more will be discovered by you when you join.

The process of performing the quest in the dark cave of Hopeless: The Dark Cave. The blob can use a variety of weapons. in addition, the gun is free to use for starters. Going through the game screen will have the opportunity to discover many other types of guns. Examples include laser guns, rotating machine guns, sonic guns, shotguns, and many more. Each type of gun will bring its own unique attack ability. The difference between them is also reflected in the shape design.

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