Hill Auto Climb 7.6 MOD Lots of Money APK
Hill Auto Climb - Drive Racing MOD APK 7.6

Hill Auto Climb 7.6 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Hill Auto Climb - Drive Racing
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Oogway Apps
Size 52MB
Latest Version 7.6
MOD Unlimited Full Money
Category Racing
Price FREE

Hill Auto Climb is a racing game by publisher Oogway Apps. The content revolves around driving over dangerous roads. Set on the steep hill roads of India. Accordingly, you will play the role of a driver to operate the vehicle. Stable control of vehicle performance on bumpy and dangerous roads. At the same time, pick up passengers at the stop and take them safely to their final destination. From there, you will complete the assigned tasks and receive rewards. This game opens in two different game modes. When participating, you can also enjoy vivid simulation graphics. With bright image quality, recreating environments in many locations.

Introduce about Hill Auto Climb – Drive Over Indian Roads And Pick Up Passengers!

Through a horizontal perspective in LMHAPKSS‘s Hill Auto Climb game. Become a driver to operate vehicles on steep hilly roads in India. Drive the car forward and control stability. Make sure there are no accidents and head to your destination. From there you can complete the journey and receive valuable rewards. However, achieving excellence will require truly flexible skills. Based on realistic physics taking place on steep hilly roads. Depending on the vehicle’s speed range, it will cause effects that are difficult for you to control. The vehicle can even overturn after impacting the terrain. This causes the race to end early and the task cannot be completed.Hill Auto Climb MOD

Level Mode

Based on the content of Hill Auto Climb in Level mode. Unleash racing levels that take place on treacherous roads. You will drive the vehicle safely on the road. Stop at a stop at a location to pick up waiting passengers. Then continue the journey to carry them to the final destination. From there you can complete tasks and receive rewards based on achievements. Then comes the next level with increased difficulty. There will be many changing factors that will make the race even more difficult. The distance needed to travel from the starting point to the destination is farther than before. At the same time, the terrain changes with difficulty and danger. Furthermore, the number of passengers must be carried increased. But besides that, you will receive a larger bonus after completion.Hill Auto Climb MOD APK


Race process in the game Hill Auto Climb. According to the distance traveled by the vehicle, the amount of fuel will be consumed over time. If exhausted, it means you cannot operate, causing the race to end early. Through it, it is necessary to collect fuel tanks that appear on the road. By moving and interacting, maximum recovery will immediately follow. Besides, you can monitor your vehicle’s fuel index. Through the dashboard displayed on the screen.Introduce about Hill Auto Climb MOD

Use nitro

In addition to collecting fuel tanks to continue racing in Hill Auto Climb. You can also use nitro to increase speed 2 times compared to normal. Thereby, it can encourage vehicles to move faster. Even if moving through suitable terrain, it can fly into the air for a short distance. But at the same time, the ability to control the vehicle also becomes more difficult. If you are not careful, it will cause the car to overturn or have an accident. Besides, it should be noted that nitro can only be used for a certain period of time. Making good use of each situation will help you be effective on a bumpy racetrack.

Rush Mode

Test your racer’s skills in Hill Auto Climb’s Rush mode. Here, endless racing takes place, with no distance limit. Accordingly, you will drive faster and constantly move forward. However, stability needs to be controlled to be able to overcome bumpy terrain. The target driver escapes the chase from the police vehicle behind. Don’t let them pass, otherwise you will be blocked and the race will end. Achievements in this mode are expressed through distance traveled. How far can you go? Is it possible to surpass your own previous achievements? You can even compete for achievement points with other players.Game Hill Auto Climb MOD

Hill Auto Climb game offers many different racing car models. Includes taxis, coaches, cars,… and more. Each model is designed with a unique design, that difference is also reflected in the paint color. Technical parameters assess their performance. Accordingly, to own a vehicle will have to use the money to buy one. The parts can then be upgraded to improve performance. For example, upgrading the engine, chassis, tires, and powertrain. It is also possible to change the shape of the vehicle with outstanding skins.

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