Highway Getaway 1.4.008 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Highway Getaway: Police Chase MOD APK 1.4.008

Highway Getaway 1.4.008 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

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Name Highway Getaway: Police Chase
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherVivid Games S.A.
Latest Version1.4.008
MOD Free Shopping
Price FREE

Get ready to participate in street chases in Highway Getaway. Control your vehicle by constantly accelerating to find a way to escape from the police force behind. The process will have to perform a series of different tasks. Along with that are challenges from vehicles on the road. Need to avoid a collision. At the same time, you must refuel so that the vehicle can continue to move. Over time and the distance traveled, the fuel will gradually decrease until it is exhausted. The chase will be extremely dramatic and tense. Requiring your skills in driving away from the police. Moreover, compete for scores with friends on the game’s leaderboard.

Highway Getaway – Drive Away From The Chase From The Police Force!

Based on the content of the game revolves around street racing. You will be competing with your friends on the leaderboard. Through the achievement points achieved in each race to prove to everyone. The goal is to beat your friends’ scores and get ahead. Accordingly, if you want to become the best player on the leaderboard. Need to score higher than every other opponent. To do that requires driving skills on the move. Finish the run and complete the specific tasks given by the system. Based on that prove your achievements to higher-ranked players.Highway Getaway

The gameplay takes place

Races to escape the chase from police vehicles will be held on the street. Each race opens a long way with 3 specific tasks to perform. Through the third-person view from the rear, it is possible to monitor the movement of your vehicle and the environment ahead. From there, control the vehicle to avoid obstacles and traffic vehicles. After driving to the final destination of the road, shown through the fire barrier. From there, the race will end to receive rewards corresponding to the achievements. Besides, the race may end sooner if your vehicle has an accident beyond the specified time. Or the amount of fuel is not replenished and is exhausted.Game Highway Getaway

More than 200 quests to do

Experience the chase races at Highway Getaway. You will have to perform more than 200 different missions. For example, pass 5 vehicles in a race. Driving with a minimum distance of 750 meters or more. Successfully refueling in the race 2 times. Use nitro once to speed up or destroy a vehicle on the road. There are many other tasks that will be given in turn when it comes to the next races. Follow the completed missions after finishing a race. Along with the distance traveled, expressed in meters. From there will be rewarded with the corresponding amount.Tai Highway Getaway

Difficult task

Come to the next race to continue the escape journey. The difficulty of the mission will increase with more difficult challenges to take on. Along with that, the distance to travel from the starting point to the final point will be longer than before. Especially in the process of driving away, you will have to face a fierce and intense chase from the police force. As well as being obstructed by obstacles such as construction works or other traffic. They don’t just move at various speed ranges. It also suddenly changes lanes, causing your car to collide if you don’t focus on driving.

Vehicle system

According to the information provided, there are more than 10 different vehicles for you to explore. Includes off-road trucks, police cars, SUVs, utility vehicles, sports cars and more. Each car is uniquely designed, reflected in its size and paint color. The performance of each vehicle will not be the same. The difference is shown in the fuel tank, the number of times it can lose life and nitro. Accordingly, to own a new car, you will have to use money to unlock it. Then you can also upgrade to enhance performance.Highway Getaway

Various activities

The process of driving on the street at Highway Getaway will have many different activities. In addition to dodging other cars in traffic. Also, have to dodge the attack from the police helicopter. At the same time have to collect money scattered in some sections of the road. According to the distance traveled, the vehicle’s fuel will be gradually reduced. It is necessary to refuel while in operation, by approaching a fuel truck that appears in a section of the road.

Besides, it is also possible to use support devices, they appear randomly on the move. For example, X2 speed boost, barrier, and nitro boost max speed. But it should be noted, devices can only be used for a certain period of time.

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