High School Gangsters 1.0.7 MOD Lots of Money and Gems, Shopping Without Money APK
High School Gangsters MOD APK 1.0.7

High School Gangsters 1.0.7 MOD Lots of Money and Gems, Shopping Without Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name High School Gangsters
Requires Android 4.0
Publisher Italic Games
Size 20MB
Latest Version 1.0.7
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gems
Category Action
Price FREE

Ready to join the journey in the game High School Gangsters? Follow the free-adventure gameplay that combines the action during the gameplay. You will play the role of a high school youth in a large school. Perform different tasks and activities in your own way. At the same time fight against the elites in the school, make fun of classmates, and prank teachers. Everything is unlimited so you can freely explore. Along with that, there are many different tasks to perform. Specifically given by the system and the reward is received after completion. Even more interesting, the game is experienced in offline mode. You can fully enjoy the unique features during your school adventure.

Download High School Gangsters MOD APK – School Adventure As a High School Student

Set in a large high school. This place not only has students but also school criminals. They are elites and divided into different factions and gangs to compete. That created a big contradiction in the school. Now you will become a young man attending school. It is responsible for preventing elements from affecting the school and protecting other students. Accordingly, you will have to perform different tasks and jobs. Attack and defeat the elites, help your classmates and support the teacher. A series of difficult challenges are waiting ahead to be overcome.High School Gangsters MOD

Choose yourself

Enter the school adventure as a student. You can decide for yourself through the actions taken. Become a school leader and lead naughty, destructive students. Or become a good student, model, and protect everyone. It is up to you to decide to become a desired high school student. For example, taking action to attack students in school, and teasing teachers. Engage in factional fights and bully your friends. That will make you a scholar. But that decision also presented me with many challenges. Because they will be attacked by many other elite groups at any time and even lose their lives.Game High School Gangsters MOD

Diverse quest system

Through the journey in the school at High School Gangsters at LMHAPKSS. You also have to perform a lot of different tasks specifically given by the system. For example, shoot 10 targets with a slingshot, accurately shoot 3 designated people and finish the mission in 100 seconds. Or resist 3 attacks from other elves and make sure your remaining health is at least 90% or more. Moreover, you have to defeat the school boss and have 80% remaining health. There are many other quests that will be unlocked in turn after each completion. But at the same time, it should be noted that every time you start a new task, the difficulty will increase. Give more difficult conditions to make it difficult for you to complete.Tai High School Gangsters MOD

The gameplay takes place

To carry out an assigned task. You will move according to the directions on the road. After reaching the specified location, you will receive a specific task. Then start the implementation, and when completed will receive the corresponding reward. Can come to another mission, and continue to move in the school to reach the next location. Repeat this until the difficult challenges are completed. Over time will gain new achievements and accumulate many valuable rewards.

Various activities

In addition to the competition between high school students. You can also do a lot of different activities. Tease the teacher in class, through unique jokes. Or explore places in the school, and choose the path to become a good and exemplary student. Don’t break school rules and hang out with friends. Moreover, it is possible to learn and make friends, even fall in love with a friend of the opposite sex. There are many other interesting activities to be discovered after joining the game.Download High School Gangsters MOD

MOD APK Feature of High School Gangsters

  • Lots of Money and Gems
  • Shopping Without Money

At High School Gangsters there are different types of weapons to use. It is divided into categories such as gloves, weapons, and pistols. Each category has many choices for you to explore. There are several types such as boxing gloves, metal rods used for grips, hot rotating guns, etc., and many more. Each equipped weapon will attack in its own style. Their strength is also evaluated in detail through different indicators. Includes attack, stun, and crit. Accordingly, it is also possible to upgrade to enhance the stats, thereby improving the power of superior weapons.

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