Hero Squad 23.0.10 MOD Dumb Enemy APK
Hero Squad MOD APK 23.0.10

Hero Squad 23.0.10 MOD Dumb Enemy APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Hero Squad
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher 8SEC Games
Size 167MB
Latest Version 23.0.10
MOD Dumb Enemy
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Hero Squad is a new challenge for you to fight the legion of zombies in the city. It is an endless battle journey, consisting of many consecutive battles with upgrade options after each level. You will play the role of a hero, whose mission is to recruit the best soldiers and participate in the city battlefield. There, your task is to control your army to destroy all zombies and protect the peace of the world. This mission sounds great, doesn’t it? But you just need to touch the screen to play. The mechanism is really simple and accessible. But your enemies are many, while your army is limited. So, show your strategic talent to go far in this battle journey.

Hero Squad – 3D shooting gameplay with a fun style!

This is a new battle journey where you play as a military commander and a soldier on the battlefield. The game will delight you with its simple yet addictive shooting mechanics. Along with that, it is designed with a fun design style, suitable for the preferences of the majority of players. Your experience is intuitive on the phone’s vertical display with a top-down view. So you’ll have the chance to enjoy every action on the battlefield from moving to shooting, explosions, and more. The story of the game will lead you through many interesting challenges. The zombies are your enemy and they are getting bigger and bigger. The game context changes with each of your battles. Take advantage of the terrain to launch effective attacks.


Join the war with zombies

Although the game does not have a clear level system, your battle journey will become more and more difficult. In the first level, you only have a single soldier with a gun in hand. You can recruit new troops as the battles progress. Besides, you can visit the store to buy equipment and enhancement items. Once everything is ready, hop on the helicopter and head to your battlefield. There, a crowd of zombies is surrounding buildings, parks, buses, schools, and many other areas. They will continuously move toward you, so you need to kill them before they reduce the HP of the group.

About how to fight, you just need to touch the joystick in the middle of the screen to control your army. You will control all at the same time, but each soldier will have its own characteristics. The soldier unit system is quite diverse, including archers, marksmen, superheroes, and more. With the larger and more diverse the army group, the more advantage you have over the enemy. But what matters is your strategy. How you need to move and how to attack and defend is up to you. Moreover, you should know how to take advantage of the terrain of the battlefield to deploy strategy. Your troops can hide behind buses, cars, or barriers to raid or defend.


Unlock weapons and upgrade troops

There are quite a few ways to upgrade your army in Hero Squad. Heroic units are only truly powerful when equipped and armed. So, you can unlock more weapons for getting advantages. For example, Shockbow is a weapon that shoots electric arrows to stun targets, the Akimbo has a fast fire rate, Shotgun has the ability to disable groups of zombies… Besides, there are heavy weapons such as grenades that help destroy large groups of enemies at once, or sniper rifles, hammers, and more. Take advantage of the power of different weapons for each of your battles.

Also, you can’t miss the army upgrade. Each soldier unit needs to be upgraded until the maximum level is reached. Depending on the type of unit, the number of upgrades is also different. Some units have only 25 levels, while others have up to 100 levels. After each upgrade, you will see the hero significantly improved in stats such as damage, HP, and aiming range. The higher the upgrades, the more gold you spend.


Funny and friendly stickman design

Different from the hit shooting games, this game is designed in a fun style. The game’s characters are stickman soldiers, even zombies are depicted in this style. So, despite taking place in a post-apocalyptic setting, the game still retains its fun and pure character. Violence is minimized while keeping the appeal of the gameplay. The shooting, explosion, and fire effects are all very vivid.

Don’t hesitate to download Hero Squad to your phone and enjoy the ultimate shooting wars. You will have great moments when playing a real commander on the battlefield. Unlock weapons, upgrade your heroes and change your strategy to conquer all the epic battles.

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