Hero Park 1.18.2 MOD Lots of Money APK
Hero Park MOD APK 1.18.2

Hero Park 1.18.2 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Hero Park
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Fun Flavor Games
Size 73MB
Latest Version 1.18.2
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Hero Park takes you to a vast fantasy world. Set on an empty land divided into zones. Accordingly, it will have to proceed to build works and recruit heroes and races to come. The goal was to create a town dedicated to the races that lived in. Accordingly, it will have to perform a lot of different jobs. Requires the ability of a manager to perform the task. The content of the game takes place according to an interesting storyline. Revolving around the hero’s adventure after going through the war and returning to his hometown. Accordingly, it will rebuild the homeland that has become desolate. Aiming to create a new life with its own design.

Introduce about Hero Park – Create the Kingdom’s Biggest Town with Heroes!

Learn about the game’s plot that revolves around a hero. Experiencing fierce wars to protect the kingdom. Five years after the victory, the hero and the loyal unicorn returned to their homeland. But in front of them is a completely different scene than in the imagination. It’s not like it was before the hero stepped out onto the battlefield. Smashing them in the face was a wasteland, everything destroyed and empty. As soon as the decision was made, the hero began to rebuild the town. To create a new life in his native land.Hero Park

Build many different projects

Accompany the hero to build a town on a vast empty land. Divided into many small areas and can build different constructions. Includes houses, taverns, blacksmiths, castles, pharmacies, restaurants, and more. The buildings are designed in the ancient style. Recreated in many different designs. Not stopping there, each building built will be dedicated to heroes and races. However, it should be noted that resources must be used to conduct construction. Depending on the project will need a different amount of resources. Complete each project in turn, gradually turning the dream of creating a town into reality.Hero Park

The role of works

Each building built on the land of Hero Park will play an important role of its own. That will open up different activities to earn resources. Through serving the heroes come to discover. For example, an alchemist will sell them a potion that restores their health. Or the pub is a place to rest, can sell chicken thighs and drink alcohol. Furthermore is the old dungeon for the heroes to join. They can fight monsters to gain experience. Much more will be explored in detail. Each project will have its own service staff. Simultaneously display products or bring different values. Along with that, the number of heroes that can participate will be limited.Introduce about Hero Park

Over 100 characters to recruit

According to information provided by the publisher Fun Flavor Games. The game has more than 100 different characters for you to recruit. Examples include heroes, wizards, archers, store clerks, keepers, vampires, unicorns, and many more. Even monsters, elves and dwarves. Each character has its own special ability. They play a very important role in the town you are trying to build. Contribute to increasing prosperity to be able to create the largest town of the kingdom. Accordingly, to be able to recruit new characters will need to use resources. Each character will need a different amount of resources.Tai Hero Park

Diverse quest system

The process of building a town in the homeland. The hero will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Will be taken place in turn and given specifics. For example take 3 heroes to town, and fill potions in the alchemy house. Successfully built 2 projects on vacant land. Collect 250 more gold coins, forge 2 armor sets and sell armor for 200 gold coins. More is the task of fighting the enemy or recruiting races. There are many other quests that will be opened one after another after completing a mission.

Through the activities that take place during town building in Hero Park. After completing a quest, the hero will receive experience points. From there, it is possible to increase to a new level when the required conditions are met. At the same time, there will be a chance to get more valuable resources after completing the challenges. Besides, you can also participate in battles with monsters. Fight high-level and dangerous enemies in skirmishes. Defeat enemies and win for a chance to get more valuable rewards.

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