Hello Neighbor 2.3.8 MOD Menu VIP, All acts unlocked APK
Hello Neighbor MOD APK 2.3.8

Hello Neighbor 2.3.8 MOD Menu VIP, All acts unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Hello Neighbor
Requires Android 7.0
Latest Version2.3.8
MOD Menu, All acts unlocked
Price FREE

If you are looking for a horror experience, you should try Hello Neighbor right away. It is an adventure to test your bravery and agility. The game context takes place in a few small European-style houses. A man has just moved in near your house and he seems to be trying to hide something. Would you like to make a reluctant foray to find out what’s going on? The answer is of course, yes, and you will have to go through many trials to pay the price for this decision. Show your wits and tricks to fool the neighbor. Find a way to break into the house and explore the rooms until you discover the truth. To do that, make use of the items you have at home. Everything is useful in different ways, as long as you know how to take advantage of them. Start now, are you ready to follow in the footsteps of the neighbor?

Hello Neighbor – Horror adventure with addictive puzzle elements!

Horror games are often not the hobby of many players. But Hello Neighbor is different. It has attracted millions of players worldwide and became even more famous when it was released on mobile. It is similar to the games in the cult horror series Granny, but somewhat lighter thanks to the friendly design. However, its appeal is not small at all, and you will feel the escalator’s thrill as you go deeper into the game world.

With a simple plot, the game makes it easy to approach the game. But it does not mean that you will easily conquer it in just a few minutes or even hours. The playing time depends on your intelligence and agility. A series of puzzles need to be solved to lead to the final answer. So don’t expect to conquer the game in just a few failed attempts. The neighbor is always present everywhere.


Explore the neighbor’s house

Your story revolves around the house of a neighbor who just moved in. Out of curiosity, you have unwittingly embarked on a reluctant adventure. Now, the neighbor has discovered your plot, and there is no other way, you must continue your journey until you find out the truth. Step into your neighbor’s strange house and work your way to solving the mystery within. Go through the rooms by the main door or sneak down from the roof. Which way do you think would be better? Furthermore, if the neighbor spotted you, which direction should you run to fool him? There are so many questions going through your mind as you embark on this dangerous foray.

However, you can make use of a lot of different items in your house and your neighbor’s. Old Styrofoam boxes will help you climb to the roof, a key will help open the door, a magnet will help you defend, or a pair of scissors will help cut the electricity in the house. Everything in Hello Neighbor makes sense when it appears in the game context. But you need to know how to use them to your liking to achieve your goals. And beware, the neighbor will spot you easily just by looking from the window. He will learn from your actions to plan his own revenge.


Various locations with many mysteries

Although the game context revolves around the house, you have the right to move anywhere. You can pass through other houses, stroll through the front yard, drill down into each room, down to the kitchen, up to the warehouse, and explore dozens of other locations. Each location contains many interesting things and puzzles set by the game. You will find many interesting things after solving the puzzles. On top of that, the walks near the house are also quite interesting. It helps you see the whole house or go deep inside it, explore the interior and find what you want. Everything is sharp in the first-person perspective. This sense of adventure is indescribably real.


Friendly design, creepy sound

Contrary to Granny, this game has a rather friendly cartoon design style. The game background is very bright, not as gloomy as Granny’s haunted house. Besides, the character shape is also quite friendly, each movement is also very funny and smooth. Everything is hard for a horror game, but it is this that creates a sense of familiarity for gamers. When things become familiar, you can easily approach the game. But the creepy sound will help you feel the fear that the horror genre deserves.

MOD APK feature implemented of Hello Neighbor

  • MOD Menu
  • All acts unlocked

Hello Neighbor is an interesting game that you should not miss. In particular, if you love the horror genre combined with adventure, it is indeed a great choice. Join the game to immerse yourself in a very ordinary but mysterious story. The neighbor’s house is where you begin and also where your adventure ends. See what’s inside it while being wary of the obnoxious landlord.

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