Head Soccer 6.19.1 MOD Lots of Money APK
Head Soccer MOD APK 6.19.1

Head Soccer 6.19.1 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 hours ago)
Name Head Soccer
Requires Android 2.3
Publisher D&D Dream
Size 40MB
Latest Version 6.19.1
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Sport
Price FREE

Head Soccer is a fun sports game improved from football gameplay. It brings you super funny football matches with only two players on the field. And you only need to use your head to kick the ball, believe it? There are dozens of tournaments and modes to discover unique rules. You can take your players everywhere, from domestic to international tournaments. Moreover, there are many areas to participate in such as the stadium, beach, onboard, and many more. Wherever you are, you will always receive enthusiastic support from football fans. Show your strategy to conquer every league and attract the club’s fans. Don’t forget to upgrade and unlock more players to diversify the gameplay.

Introduce about Head Soccer – Minimalist and addictive football gameplay!

If you are a fan of football, you should try Head Soccer right away on your phone. You will find new inspiration here as everything seems to be streamlined and depicted in a creative way. A football match no longer lasts for 90 minutes, but in just a few minutes, victory can be decided. Besides, there is no need for 11 players for each team, just 1 is enough. And you don’t need a cumbersome strategy, just click on the screen to move the ball and score. The player images and vivid effects also make a difference in this football game. Forget about the complicated rules of traditional football for a while. Now you can enjoy small but addictive matches for hours.


Discover unique tournaments and modes

Currently, the game has up to 7 main game modes, the most prominent of which are Tournament, Survival, League, and Dead e. Each mode has its own rules for you to explore many types of competition. For example, the Tournament mode is where you will enter the knockout rounds to advance to the inner rounds. The goal is to conquer the league with the championship trophy. Meanwhile, in Dead e, your task is to defeat your opponent in 1v1 matches. So with diverse game modes, the game allows you to compete against AI systems or real opponents around the world. The scale, rules, and nature of the matches will be different, creating a novelty and variety unmatched in actual football.

During the match, you do not need to control 11 players on the field at the same time. You are the main player, holding roles from passing, shooting, and defending the goal. To move, simply click on the “Left” and “Right” icons. At the same time, you will have two possible actions: “Kick” and “Jump”. During the match, combine these actions together smoothly to create effective combos. You will dribble from your own goal, then jump to bounce the ball and shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. For defense, you can jump to block the ball. Besides, some other special skills also help you gain an advantage over opponents.


Unlock players and football fields

There are more than 90 players in the collection of Head Soccer. Each player has their own stats for speed, kick, jump, dash, and more. You should get to know each person well to know how to get the most out of them. Besides, unlock more players to change the strategy in each match. Your opponents are extremely diverse, so you also need special players to gain an advantage. Moreover, you cannot miss the upgrade for the player. Improve their level to upgrade their stats, and unlock new skills such as using firepower with effects of fire, ice, electricity, water, and more.

Over time, as your level gets higher, you can unlock more and more new tournaments. At that time, many unique football fields are unlocked for you to access and enjoy. Each football field has its own unique landscape, such as the stadium with its large grandstand, the pirate boat floating on the ocean, or even the street between the buildings. The game scene will alternately change between your matches, providing freshness and inspiration for long-term play.


Funny cartoon style

Unlike 3D football games, this game is only designed on a 2D background with a chibi cartoon style. It creates a feeling of friendliness and closeness right from first sight. Your players have big heads and small parts, making their every move look hilarious. The football field is equally fun when there are only two goals. The audience was also very excited, the sound in each shot and the hoot from the stands was extremely lively.


So, if you love a little out of the way, Head Soccer will make you satisfied. Come here and enjoy the funniest soccer matches with the sole goal of scoring. Just simple clicks to master every match. A unique collection of players with great upgradeability will help you conquer them all.

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