Harold Family MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Stars APK
Harold Family MOD APK

Harold Family MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Stars APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Name Harold Family
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherFish GAME LLC
Latest Version0.2.2.2
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money, Stars
Price FREE

Unlock puzzle levels for fun design activities. Through the puzzle game of the publisher Fish GAME LLC. Come to the game Harold Family to start enjoying the attractive match-3 levels. With gameplay that follows an impressive story. The content revolves around the character Harold trying to complete the house. You will accompany Harold to perform the task. Through puzzle activities that take place in match-3 style. Promising to bring a new experience to the puzzle game genre. The game has been designed with a series of features to help every player have the best experience. From graphics are built vivid images. Until the sound and effects are played out during the puzzle. Mixed with simple, intuitively designed controls.

Harold Family – Do a Match-3 Puzzle Activity To Help Harold Clean The House!

The story of Harold Family revolves around a man named Harold. Raised a dream since childhood to become a talented designer. Over time, that dream has come true. But Harold’s current life was not as he wanted. Thought that after becoming a designer would have a happy life. To find your own happiness again. The man Harold prepared a trip with the whole family. After everything was ready, suddenly received a phone call from the mother. Through that, he learned that his father was ill. Wishing Harold would return home to take care of his father with her. As soon as he arrived at the house, a messy scene appeared before his eyes. Everything seems to have been untidy for a long time.Harold Family

Clean, redesign the house

Accompany the man Harold in the game Harold Family. You will embark on the task of cleaning the house. Redesign everything and arrange the objects lying on the floor. With the desire to complete the house before the mother brought the father back from the hospital. A variety of different tasks need to be performed. In a large house, you will have to customize the interior space. Use decorative tools to design and beautify. Typically, sweeping trash in the rooms. Laying carpets on the floor, rebuilding tables and chairs, vases,… There are many other jobs waiting for you to do. However, to do any work. You will have to go through match-3 puzzle levels. After completing the required task, then a design activity can be performed.Game Harold Family

Match-3 puzzle, turn-based gameplay

Come to Harold Family ‘s match-3 puzzle activity. You will use different fruits to combine. Includes tomatoes, mangosteen, oranges, squash, and mangoes. In the form of a chessboard, with small squares. Each type will appear on a square. Your mission is to teleport to combine at least 3 of the same fruit or more. Depending on how you solve the puzzle, it can be horizontally or vertically. Collect the required number of fruits in each puzzle level. Similar to other match-3 puzzle games. The gameplay is turn-based, with a limited number of turns. After using up the number of puzzles and still can’t complete the request. This means the mission failed, and the job of cleaning the house has not been completed. Make you spend more time playing again.Harold Family

Create special combos

During the puzzle quest at Harold Family. You can create combos by combining many of the same fruits. For example, combine 4 types of fruit to create a special fruit. Use them to continue the combination the next time. From there will create a power source with the ability to collect all the fruits horizontally or vertically. What’s more, if you can solve the puzzle in one turn, combine 5 or more balls. Will get the fruit that has the ability to create an explosion. As soon as you combine them with fruits of the same type. An explosion within a certain range will help you collect a large number of berries. Achievements will be shown through scores. After each puzzle turn, the score will continuously increase.Tai Harold Family

The difficulty of Harold Family will increase gradually with each puzzle activity. That means the job of redesigning the house will be more and more difficult. The number of fruits that need to be collected will be larger than before. At the same time, the conditions are given more challenges. Make it difficult for you to clean up to complete the house. To be able to overcome those challenges. In addition to puzzle skills to create special combos. You can also use support tools. However, they are only available in limited quantities. So it is only used when necessary.

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