Hang Line: Mountain Climber 1.9.28 MOD UNLIMITED GOLD, UNLOCK ALL ITEMS, Remove Ads APK
Hang Line: Mountain Climber MOD APK 1.9.28

Hang Line: Mountain Climber 1.9.28 MOD UNLIMITED GOLD, UNLOCK ALL ITEMS, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 10, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Hang Line: Mountain Climber
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Yodo1 Games
Size 170MB
Latest Version 1.9.28
Category Action
Price FREE

Hang Line: Mountain Climber is an action game that combines adventure gameplay. The content revolves around the task of rescuing skiers stuck in the mountains. Play as a lifeguard equipped with a hanger with the ability to swing physically. Your mission is to rescue everyone through each adventure. At the same time survive moving to the top of the mountain to complete the challenge. From there prove skills and experience to become the best lifeguard. This game is played in offline mode, there will be no charge during play. Along with that are the unique features offered. From the physical effects to the graphics system and sound quality. Everything will bring you a fascinating adventure journey.

Introduce about Cave Line: Mountain Climber – Rescue Those Trapped In The Mountains!

The game opens up to 5 different mountain environments to challenge your rescue skills. For example, snowy mountains, volcanoes, deserts, and more will be discovered when participating. In each environment, the landscape and terrain are not the same. The difference is also reflected in extreme weather conditions. Makes you may have to fight the team with your life during the mission. But facing such dangers adds to the challenge. If successful rescue the athletes who are trapped. The rewards received are also very valuable and worthy of the achievements.Hang Line Mountain Climber

More than 50 levels and rewards

Follow the story of the game to open up the exciting rescue mission system. With more than 50 game levels waiting ahead. Each level unfolds an adventure to rescue the people trapped in the mountains. The helicopter will drop you at a location. Then use the rope to swing over the different points. From there swing through each part of the mountain in search of the trapped person. When found need to interact with them to mark the position, from there the helicopter will drop the tow line. Repeat this until successfully rescuing 3 people trapped in the mountain. Then move to the top of the mountain to be taken by helicopter. From there will complete the mission in one level of play.

The reward in each level after completion is gold coins. Based on the number of people rescued, up to 3 people. Along with the excellent achievement of rescuing everyone trapped. From there will receive the corresponding amount of money to accumulate. Can be used for various trading operations or unlocking and upgrading.Tai Hang Line Mountain Climber

More challenges when reaching new levels

Every time come to the next level of the game Hang Line: Mountain Climber. The difficulty will increase with more difficult challenges during the rescue. This requires your skill and experience to get the stranded people off the mountain. Accordingly, their location is in different areas of the mountain. As well as the rugged terrain and harsh conditions that made the rescue even more difficult. For example, when the rocks are close together, the space swinging through is narrowed. Also affected by the surrounding environment. This leads to dangers, if not careful, at the cost of living.Game Hang Line Mountain Climber

Terrain and environmental conditions

Terrain conditions are one of the biggest challenges. To be able to complete the mission to rescue everyone who is trapped. It is necessary to cross the terrain flexibly and safely. Rely on swing physics to move through each part of the mountain. If impacted on the terrain during the swing, the thrust will be reduced. Especially in some areas, the landslide terrain can cause you to be battered and lose your life. For example, after throwing the rope into a location on a snowy mountain. Under the impact, the ice will rapidly expand. Or the hot lava in the volcano will burn if you fall in. Moreover, ferocious beasts chased and attacked.Introduce about Hang Line Mountain Climber

Go through levels rescuing people trapped in Cave Line: Mountain Climber. Conquer each challenge in turn to complete the mission. Based on the amount of bonus accumulated over time. Can be used to unlock new helicopters. From there will take you to locations in different mountains. Accordingly, the system initially provided a free helicopter. But later if you want to own a special helicopter. It is necessary to buy from the game’s store, with a very large amount of money and not the same.

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