Hair Challenge 27.0.0 MOD Unlimited Gems APK
Hair Challenge MOD APK 27.0.0

Hair Challenge 27.0.0 MOD Unlimited Gems APK

By Hai Nam April 12, 2024 (3 days ago)
Name Hair Challenge
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Rollic Games
Size 141MB
Latest Version 27.0.0
MOD Unlimited Gems
Category Action
Price FREE

Hair Challenge gives you super fun challenges where you are always trying to keep your hair. You will play the role of a girl with long and smooth hair. Your mission is to keep her hair as long as possible by collecting more hair and dodging dangerous obstacles. Scissors, blades, sharp spikes, and more are always ready to cut your hair. But you can also extend your hair, and even change the color of the dye to look more trendy. If you get to the end of the road, you win. But you need to have as long hair as possible to score high and get huge bonuses. Mainly your movement skills, don’t need to use your brain much. So this game is quite easy to play, and at the same time, it is also free to download here.

Download Hair Challenge MOD APK – Become the model with the longest hair

This is a fun and addictive action game released exclusively for the mobile platform. It will help you experiment with the toughest catwalks in the world to learn how to become a professional model. In high heels, your girl will move smoothly through different segments. And in particular, her hair is the highlight. Help her hold the record for the model with the longest hair with your driving skills. Swipe across the screen to play, win, get rewards and unlock new levels. Simple as that, but how far will you go and how many times will you play again? With friendly design and soothing music, the game will help you relax every time you play.


Overcome crazy challenges

The game gives you hundreds of successive levels with only single gameplay. At each level, you start from the starting line and have to go all the way to victory. Along the way, you need to control your girl through dozens of crazy obstacles. It could be a ladder, sharp spikes, unexpected gaps, a Ferris wheel, and more. Those things will cut your hair or make you stop immediately. So, if you want to go far and achieve great results, you need to move wisely. Along the way, you can also find other cool stuff. It can be hair samples that help lengthen your hair or change the color of your hair. Collect them to design your girl and make her look more stylish.

At the end of each level, you will win to everyone’s delight. Then the game will measure the girl’s hair length to decide how many points you get. The longer the hair, the higher the score. Conversely, if the girl’s hair does not pass the “Fail” level, you will have to start over. Or if you want to win more bonuses, you have the right to “Replay” each level. Try to make more money or score a world record with a perfect score. But it is not easy, the higher the level, the greater the challenge. You will see your girl will move faster on the road with more obstacles. Be careful with your every step.


Many levels, simple operation

Currently, Hair Challenge has 4 game levels Noob, Pro to Hacker, and Good. The higher the game level, the more difficult the challenge for you. So if you are a new player you should choose the Noob level. Premium challenges like Hacker and Good are usually reserved for seasoned gamers. But you can also try it to test the difficulty of this game. The gameplay principle of the levels is the same. But the game speed increases, making it more difficult for you to move quickly and correctly.

Besides, the game operation does not change when you play different levels. Simply tap and swipe across the screen. Specifically, swipe left and right to switch paths, and swipe up to jump on the Ferris wheel or any space. Everything happens visually on the vertical screen from a third-person perspective. So you can see the entire girl’s runway and can take timely action depending on the situation.


Bright background, friendly design

The game always inspires gamers with a bright context. The runways are set in heaven, where you can see the sky, clouds, and beautiful colors from the landscape. Besides, the main character of the game is a beautiful girl. She has a fluid and smooth gait, creating a pleasant rhythm throughout your experience. Moreover, music is cheerful and has clear melodies, both stimulating your concentration and relaxing effects.


So, Hair Challenge could be the next game to have on your phone. It will help you relax wherever you are with fun levels. Just swipe to move, dodge obstacles and protect your hair. But make an effort to score outstanding achievements on the online leaderboards.

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