Guns Shoot Strike 3D 2.1.1 MOD VIP, Unlimited Gold APK
Guns Shoot Strike 3D MOD APK 2.1.1

Guns Shoot Strike 3D 2.1.1 MOD VIP, Unlimited Gold APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Name Guns Shoot Strike 3D
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherDoing Studio
Latest Version2.1.1
MOD VIP, Unlimited Gold
Price FREE

Find a 3D shooter game, there are many different options. Guns Shoot Strike 3D is one of the games revolving around action combat. Released by Doing Studio with a series of unique features. From the attractive mission system to the challenge in the battle process. Along with that provides a lot of different weapons to use. Especially can use support weapons when needed. To increase the experience when participating in the game. You will be coming to shoot battles on many different battlefields. They are realistically simulated, thanks to the sharp 3D graphics. Even more interesting when the sound system is reproduced in reality. Add vibrancy in dramatic battles.

Guns Shoot Strike 3D – Battlefield First-Person Shooter!

Similar to other shooting action games. In order for the player to be able to control the character flexibly on the battlefield, an intuitive control mechanism is required. Here the game optimizes the features to provide the simplest usage. At the same time, arrange them appropriately so that everyone can get acquainted after a short time. To navigate the character’s movements during combat. Simply touch and rotate the joystick-like virtual mechanism displayed in the left corner of the screen. Besides, the right corner displays icons in their own style. Used to fire attack bullets, jump up, use support weapons, reload ammo, and change guns.Guns Shoot Strike 3D

Level quest system

Through the first-person perspective of a gunman participates in the battles. Perform tasks according to each level of the game. Each level opens on a large battlefield, given specific requirements by the system. Shown by the number of enemies that need to be shot down. For example, kill 5 enemies, and use firecrackers 1 time. Besides, there is also real-time combat. Even have to shoot down a sufficient number of enemies within the specified time. After completing the assigned task will end a war. Based on the achievements achieved during the battle will receive a reward corresponding to the level of participation.Game Guns Shoot Strike 3D

Support Radar

Here Guns Shoot Strike 3D supports the Radar feature. Can take advantage of that to bring more efficiency during competitive shooting with enemies. Accordingly, Radar will scan the position of other gunmen on the battlefield. Shown by a red dot for easy identification. As well as will display your current location and attack range. Accordingly, it is possible to know the appearance of the enemy to deploy the best attack strategy. Or when in danger, the blood level is quite low and not confident to face. Can change direction to run away, in order to keep alive so as not to be shot down by the enemy.Tai Guns Shoot Strike 3D

Difficult task

As each level of combat takes place, the task will be more difficult when it comes to the next match. With many variations to test your skills on the battlefield. For example, the number of enemies to shoot down will require more. Or need to use multiple firecrackers in a fight. In particular, the enemy’s combat ability is improved compared to before. They can even cooperate with each other to deploy tactics. Makes it hard for you to survive for a long time. Because there is no support from any teammates or alliances. If you are not careful, you will have to exchange your life, thereby not being able to complete the assigned task.

Huge arsenal

To meet the needs of every player when coming to the Guns Shoot Strike 3D game. The publisher has provided a huge arsenal of weapons. Includes many different guns divided into segments. Typical are sniper rifles, shotguns, submachine guns and heavy guns. Through it can be mentioned some guns such as AK47, M4A1, MAC10, Desert Eagle, Barrett,… and many more. Each gun is modernly designed and has its own unique style. The difference between them is also evaluated in detail through the indicators. Includes rate of fire, reload time, magazine size, and damage.Guns Shoot Strike 3D

Through the combat levels of Guns Shoot Strike 3D. There will be opportunities to shoot competitively on many battlefields. Includes a desert town, a war-torn city, and a winter village. Each battlefield is simulated in its own locations. Simultaneously reproduce different weather and environmental conditions. It can be easily seen through the hot weather in the desert. Or the cold sleet, freezing the buildings in the village. At the same time, each location also simulated different terrain.

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