Gun War: Shooting Games 3.0.7 MOD Lots of Money APK
Gun War: Shooting Games MOD APK 3.0.7

Gun War: Shooting Games 3.0.7 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Gun War: Shooting Games
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Shooter Studio
Size 63MB
Latest Version 3.0.7
MOD Unlimited money, Unlimited bullets, Unlimited diamonds
Category Action
Price FREE

Gun War: Shooting Games opens up action shooting wars. Follow the third-person role-playing gameplay against enemies. Accordingly, it will have to perform a lot of different tasks specifically given by the system. Requiring your skills to fend off waves of dangerous enemies. At the same time without support from teammates, they will have to fight them all on their own. Through that will have to do many difficult challenges. According to information provided by the publisher, the game is experienced in offline mode. But if you want to compete with other players around the world. You will have to connect to the network to participate in the tournament to rise up the leaderboard. With a string of achievements in fierce battles.

Introduce about Gun War: Shooting Games – Shooting Shooting Tasks in Wars!

Shooting battles take place on 50 maps. Each map is simulated in a different environment. Expressed through the surrounding landscape and weather conditions. Along with that, the terrain conditions will be recreated in their own way. For example, the crumbling environment caused by fierce wars. An ancient city in the desert, fights in the airport area and on the harbor. There is much more to be discovered each time the next shooting mission comes. However, no matter what map you fight on, you must learn about the terrain. Because you will have to rely on that to hide or take advantage of opportunities to attack and destroy enemies.Gun War- Shooting Games MOD

More than 124 missions

Role-play as a gunner to perform over 124 different missions. Each mission unleashes a war on a randomly generated map. At the same time, the system offers specific conditions to challenge your skills. Accordingly, use equipped guns and support equipment to resist attacks from enemies. The goal is to wipe out the entire battlefield and be able to survive. From there end the game and complete the assigned task. However, the achievement depends on many other factors. At the same time will have the opportunity to receive many valuable trophies. Coming to the next mission, the difficulty will increase with many new challenges to take. For example, the number of enemies to kill will increase and must be won within the time limit.

Fight against many enemies and bosses

Through shooting matches at Gun War: Shooting Games. Will have to fight many different enemies. They are armed criminals, terrorist elements, and scary zombies. Each enemy is distinguished in its own way, easily recognizable by its shape and appearance. Their ability is reflected in their unique fighting style, stamina and health. For example, criminals and terrorists will use guns to fight back. Bloodthirsty zombies will rush to approach and deal direct damage. Not stopping there, go through the quests when it comes to a certain stage. At this time, he also had to face a boss whose fighting ability was superior to ordinary enemies. Makes you have a lot of trouble to destroy, even lose your life if you can’t stop it.Game Gun War- Shooting Games MOD

Perform specific tasks

A lot of different tasks need to be done in the wars. Includes shooting down enemies with a specified number, successfully wiping out enemies on the battlefield and ending the match in a limited time. Win against waves of fierce attacks and minimum remaining color of 70% or more. Or successfully destroy the boss in the battle to complete the assigned task. At the same time rescue the hostages being chased by zombies. There are many other missions that will be opened each time the next battles come.

Achievements and rewards

Here each battle will give 3 specific tasks. Achievements will be judged by the number of stars, each star corresponding to a task. Successfully complete the missions in a war with the maximum number of stars. From there will receive many valuable trophies. These can be mentioned as gold coins, experience points, weapons, armor and support items. They are used in various activities to improve strength or trade.Introduce about Gun War- Shooting Games MOD

There are different guns offered by Gun War: Shooting Games. They are divided into groups like Shotgun, Rifle, Sniper and Machine. Each group has many different options to use. There are several types such as MK5, SVK, GMK47, … and many more. Each gun is uniquely designed, reflected in style and size. Also evaluated through parameters such as range, damage, ammo count, rate of fire and reload time. Besides, it is also possible to upgrade the gun’s level to enhance the parameters.

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