Gun Fungus 0.7.0 MOD Unlimited Energy, Coins, Gems APK
Gun Fungus MOD APK 0.7.0

Gun Fungus 0.7.0 MOD Unlimited Energy, Coins, Gems APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Name Gun Fungus
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherFunday Factory
Latest Version0.7.0
MOD Unlimited Energy, Coins, Gems
Price FREE

Get ready to go on adventures in Gun Fungus. According to the action shooting gameplay, the scene element is combined. Role-play as an armed gunman to start the journey. Your mission is to overcome challenging terrains. Fight scary monsters throughout the adventure. Aim to shoot them down to be able to move forward. Go to new areas and learn about unknown mysteries. This game belongs to the action genre, provided by the publisher Funday Factory. With a series of unique features to increase the experience during the game. From the graphics, the system is designed based on the vivid 3D platform. Until the sound effects are flexibly changed to suit each scene.

Gun Fungus – Adventure Shooting Through Rooms To Explore!

Adventure with the gunman on a journey to uncover the mystery. Will adopt the intuitive control mechanism provided by the system. Use virtual joystick-like features to navigate and move. Combine with the up arrow shown in the right corner of the screen to jump up. Accordingly, you need to flexibly combine the two mechanisms mentioned above to be able to overcome any terrain. Touch, hold, and rotate to perform different actions. As well as dodging attacks from enemies when facing. Besides, the game uses a horizontal viewing angle to help you observe a wide range. It is possible to track the character’s movements, as well as the surrounding environment.Gun Fungus

Against many enemies

As the adventure progresses, you will have to face a lot of different enemies. They are dangerous monsters with unique attack abilities. Shoots liquids and poisons in liquid form to deal damage. Even equipped with weapons to spray fire to burn. There is much more to face when it comes to new areas. There are a number of monsters such as mushrooms, poisonous spiders, carnivorous flowers and more. Each enemy is shaped in its own style, expressed through color and shape. Besides, when reaching a certain stage in the journey. The gunman also has to face a giant boss. At the same time possessing superior abilities.Tai Gun Fungus

Tasks according to each room of the area

Gun Fungus ‘s quest system opens up according to regions. Each area is recreated in a separate environment. At the same time divided into many rooms with a specific number. Accordingly, you will begin the adventure in the first room. It is necessary to destroy the monsters and cross the terrain to reach the teleport circle. From there will come the next room with new challenges waiting. Show your shooting skills and combat experience to survive deadly dangers. Take turns conquering the challenge in each room until you pass them all. From there will complete the quest in an area to come to the next adventure.Gun Fungus

Explore multiple environments

Through the adventure will have the opportunity to explore many areas. Including the forest, the cold winter land, and the factory area. Each area is simulated under different environmental conditions. Along with that are the harshness of the complex and dangerously designed terrain conditions. For example, cold winter land in a snowy environment. Covered in a white color with a background of islands flying in the sky. Other environments will be discovered by you when participating.

Enhanced skills

Take turns killing each enemy in the rooms of each area. You will receive experience points to accumulate. When the conditions are met, the promotion progress will increase to a new level. At this point, the system will give 3 random choices. You can choose any to increase the corresponding power. For example, increase maximum health, restore lost health, and increase movement speed. Increases the number of bullets after each pull of the trigger and fires 3 bullets in 3 directions. Moreover, it can also increase damage and reload time. More than that will be unlocked when reaching higher levels.Game Gun Fungus

At Gun Fungus, there are many different pieces of equipment to use for gunmen. They are divided into 4 categories including guns, costumes, and two gadgets. Each piece of equipment will have many choices, throughout the adventure to have a chance to own. For example guns, with a variety like rifles, machine guns, laser guns, and more. Similarly, you can use equipment such as magazines, and mobile phones to increase your ability. Depending on the equipment, after being used, it will increase the health and attack rate.

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