Gun Fest 66.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Guns APK
Gun Fest MOD APK 66.0

Gun Fest 66.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Guns APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 days ago)
Name Gun Fest
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherGoogle Commerce Ltd
Latest Version66.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Guns
Price FREE

A combination of shooting and math genres. The Gun Fest game promises to open up attractive levels of play. The content of the game revolves around gun battles. Built on the theme of shooting to destroy targets. But the gameplay takes place in a more unique style. Instead of impersonating a character to use guns to fight. Here, you will go through the calculations to increase the number of guns. Aim to accumulate as much as possible to attack the target after the calculation is over. Moreover, possessing a diverse gun system. There are many different types to choose from. Along with the control, the interface is designed in the most simple way. Help all players can use immediately when joining. At the same time, based on the foundation of 2D graphics. Create an extremely impressive environment.

Gun Fest – Use Calculations to Increase the Number of Guns to Kill Prisoners!

As introduced earlier, talk about the graphics of Gun Fest. To create a comfortable space for all players. As well as increasing the feeling of fun when participating in the game. Publisher Google Commerce Ltd used 2D graphics. Create a bright environment, with a combination of diverse color systems. Shapes of enemies are designed in the style of prisoners. No facial expressions. The shaping of guns is inspired by reality. Each has its own unique design to choose from. Along with that, the sound also brings a feeling of not being boring. Through calculation, operations to increase the number of guns. Or every time you attack the target, the sound will be changed. Suitable for each activity that takes place during the game.Gun Fest

Increase the number of guns, attack prisoners

Based on the gameplay that takes place at each level of Gun Fest. Each level is divided into two different stages. Starting the match, in the early stages, you will enter the calculation journey. On a straight line divided into two lanes. Includes operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The gun will automatically move forward. Your mission is to increase the number of guns as much as possible. Through the calculations that appear during the move. As soon as we reach the finish line, we will enter phase two. The total number of guns accumulated from earlier. They will automatically attack the prisoners. The achievement of each level will be based on a score scale. Corresponds to the number of prisoners killed. If you can shoot down all to get the maximum score. You will have the opportunity to receive a safe, which unlocks valuable rewards.Game Gun Fest

Missions according to each level, difficulty

Gun Fest ‘s mission system according to game levels. Each level opens up a gun battle, which incorporates calculated elements. Perform each calculation in turn to increase the number of guns. In the process may appear prisoners. Or obstacles such as gas and oil tanks. You need to navigate the gun to fire accurately, and safely move through. Then destroy the prisoners on the scale when reaching the finish line. From there will complete the task, and receive the corresponding reward. The difficulty will increase every time you step into a new level. Make you meet many obstacles to be able to complete the mission in the next levels. Calculations will be designed to be more complex. Sometimes will distract your quick calculation. If you don’t focus, you may lose the large number of guns you have accumulated.Tai Gun Fest

Quick calculation

The quick calculation in the Gun Fest game is a huge advantage. It is also a skill that needs to be honed. Because the movement speed of the gun will become faster and faster. As well as the calculations will be more complicated than before. Although only revolves around 4 basic calculations. But will make you face a lot of difficulties in the process of increasing the number of guns. Because sometimes you will be fooled by the calculations. To accumulate the largest number of guns possible. Requires calculation skills to be precise and flexible. Combine intelligence and observation. Make the correct choice to steer the gun to move into the right calculation. In particular, to not be distracted, as well as easy to recognize. Calculations that appear will be represented by two different colors.Gun Fest

Play through the levels of Gun Fest. You will have the opportunity to explore many different guns. The game offers a diverse gun system. Includes pistols, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles,… and many more. Each gun is designed in its own style. Moreover, daggers can also be used as weapons. However, they are not completely free, some guns need to be unlocked. To own your favorite guns. You need to use the accumulated bonus to buy. Or go through each match will accumulate percentage points of the gun. When you reach 100%, you will receive a new gun.

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