Guitar Girl 5.7.1 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Fans/Loves APK
Guitar Girl MOD APK 5.7.1

Guitar Girl 5.7.1 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Fans/Loves APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Guitar Girl
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher NEOWIZ
Size 106MB
Latest Version 5.7.1
MOD Menu, Unlimited Fans/Loves
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Guitar Girl is a music game with an anime style that is causing a fever lately. True to its name, this game is about music and a girl. You will accompany that girl in her career to become the hottest guitar player on social networks. She wants to bring joy and inspiration to people with her music. And you need to help her fulfill her dream. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy soothing and relaxing guitar music. You will gain popularity from fans who are friends and even celebrities. Let’s witness the growth of a talented girl and enjoy the emotions through the sounds of the piano. You can download the game for free here and do it now.

Download Guitar Girl MOD APK – Enjoy music in the idle style

This game is unlike any music game you’ve ever known. It doesn’t require top-notch musical skills, acumen, or long practice. It is built with idle “click” gameplay mechanics in mind but still has high appeal. In the game, you will accompany a shy and self-deprecating girl who is trying to grow up every day to become a guitarist on social networks. It’s a long and inspiring journey through hundreds of levels. Your job is to upgrade the girl to unlock new songs, new friends, and many impressive outfits. To get that, everyone’s fandom is your everything.


Join the music social network

You’ll start right in your bedroom, where you can stream music to keep people engaged. The girl will play simple songs available, your job is to click on the screen continuously to increase the heart rate. The gameplay mechanics are as simple as that and it seems that you will get tired of this. But you will find great relaxation from the soft and catchy guitar music. Besides, you can see people commenting during your Livestream, which motivates you to keep going every day. Hearts and comments are important as they help you level up and unlock new content. Besides, you can also get candy from fans. It will help you unlock and upgrade the fans.

Everything is going on as simple and gentle as that but becoming more and more attractive. As you will progress over time and gain access to a variety of unique content. You can unlock new impressive songs after leveling up. Your girl also gains more skills to play better and attract more fans. When you reach a certain level, you can also unlock some new side character routes. They are classmates of girls or celebrities in school. They will open up new details in your story, making things a lot more interesting.


Unlock new outfits and locations

Especially, Guitar Girl gives you a series of options to design your girl. Those are gorgeous and age-appropriate outfits. Your girl can put on her high school uniform, a cute and trendy dress with many accessories such as earrings, hairpins, and high heels. Besides, you can help her unlock new skins for the guitar. And don’t forget to shop for new decorations to change the look of your room. Refresh it with a new bed, floral decorations, murals, clocks, desks, pets, teddy bears, and more. With good looks and scenery, you will attract more fans.

In addition, the game gives you access to many new locations. Not only staying in a narrow room, but you can also go to a small street corner to bring singing to everyone around. Or you will play music right in the school and have the opportunity to explore many fun activities there. New contexts can also help you innovate your experience to find endless inspiration in your music career. Don’t miss out on new things along your journey.


Beautiful anime design

The game impresses with 2D anime-style graphics. It vividly depicts a cute high school girl with beautiful skin and flexible expressions while playing. Besides, other details from the objects in the room to symbols such as hearts, sweets, and images of supporting characters are equally lovely. The music is good without a doubt. It is light guitar music and can capture your soul. That music will help you relax every day.

Guitar Girl will not let you down. It is an awesome anime-style music simulator and idle music player mechanics. You don’t have to be an expert and it doesn’t take much effort to do so. It is simply a place to relax and find inspiration. You can play it without any pressure, as the upgrade process is very natural.

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