Grow SwordMaster 2.0.7 MOD Lots of Money, High Damage APK
Grow SwordMaster MOD APK 2.0.7

Grow SwordMaster 2.0.7 MOD Lots of Money, High Damage APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Grow SwordMaster
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher PixelStar Games
Size 63MB
Latest Version 2.0.7
MOD Unlimited Money, High Damage
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Grow SwordMaster is an interesting mix of RPG, adventure, and idle action genres. It allows you to become a funny pixel hero with a mission to conquer the dark world through hundreds of levels. You will have hundreds of battles with a large number of enemies. Those are crazy monsters with great HP and impressive skills. Your job is to use the skills you have to defeat the enemy and survive as long as possible. The further you go, the more you will have the opportunity to discover new lands and new enemies and receive much valuable loot. So, do you want to act like a medieval hero? This game is free for you to download here.

Download Grow SwordMaster MOD APK – An idle adventure of the hero

This game is for those who love the idle action style, less manipulation. Because it does not require you to learn many complicated and sublime moves. It also doesn’t have a complicated plot with dozens of chapters, events, and dense characters. It is simply an adventure journey of the hero in the fight against the monster of darkness. Your entire experience will take place on the vertical screen of the phone. You just need to click on the screen to play. Accompanying your clicks is a range of eye-catching effects. Therefore, although idle and simple, this game is still highly addictive.


Idle fast-paced battles

Join the game, you will play as a medieval hero. You will have a journey to conquer the dark world with hundreds of levels. In each level, you will encounter an enemy and need to defeat it. Next, you just need to click “GO” to continue to the new battle. Just like that, you will gradually go deeper into the dark world and meet many strange enemies. You also accumulate experience points to level up and bonuses for shopping and unlocking. Thanks to that, you will be stronger and stronger to confront increasingly terrible enemies. On some difficult levels, a Boss with great HP will challenge your patience.

As for how to fight, it’s simpler than you think. Your job is to click on the boxes in the bottom half of the screen, where the hero’s weapons and equipment are displayed. There are up to 10 empty slots for you to fill with weapons, skills, gear, items, and more. You just need to click on any box to use the corresponding skills. If you choose weapons and skills, the hero will unleash spectacular moves on the target. If you select the recovery box, the hero will gain HP. Besides, some cells contain potions that will help the hero add damage or defense. You need to consider using these boxes reasonably to maximize the hero’s strength in all battles.


Unlock new skills and items

Over time, Grow SwordMaster will give you more difficult challenges. That’s why you have to constantly upgrade and progress against the craziest enemies. You need to unlock new skills and new weapons. The skill system is built according to systems such as ice, fire, electricity, and magic… Meanwhile, the weapon system is extremely diverse, including swords, knives, sticks, hammers, bows, crossbows, magic wands, and more. Therefore, you will see your hero as both an archer, a warrior, and a knight.

In addition, you can use your bonuses to unlock armor, shields, hats, and other boosters. There are up to 12 equipment slots to fill, including 8 main gear slots, 2 extras, and 2 pet slots. You can bring dragons, monkeys, crows, and many other pets to support combat. Anything added to the item slot has the effect of improving the hero. The upgrade will help improve important stats including Damage, Strength, Speed, HP, and Defense. With better power, your hero can survive longer to travel through many places and explore the whole world.


Simple design on 8-bit graphics

This game is reminiscent of many classic titles from a few decades ago. That’s thanks to its familiar 8-bit pixel design. This graphic style brings a classic in the setting, characters, and many other details. It also vividly depicts 1v1 battles with eye-catching effects and colors. The game’s context dynamically changes through the levels, taking you to many places from jungles to dungeons, frozen lands, deserts, villages, and more.

Because of the above impressive points, Grow SwordMaster will really appeal to you. It offers addictive idle hand-to-hand combat and an endless adventure in the dark fantasy world. You can explore that world with the power of the hero. Equip your hero with weapons, equipment, and many other useful things to survive long and go far.

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