Grow Soldier 4.6.2 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode, One Shot Kill, Player Speed, Unlimited Gems APK
Grow Soldier MOD APK 4.6.2

Grow Soldier 4.6.2 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode, One Shot Kill, Player Speed, Unlimited Gems APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Grow Soldier
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher PixelStar Games
Size 33MB
Latest Version 4.6.2
MOD Menu, God Mode, One Shot Kill, Player Speed, Unlimited Gems
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Grow Soldier is a game in the role-playing category of PixelStar Games. Thereby opening up dramatic battles against crowds of dangerous enemies. In idle action gameplay, you will gather soldier units to create an army. Accompany the armored tank in fierce battles. Target attacks against enemy forces in various areas. The purpose is to wipe out everything to rescue soldiers and bring peace and freedom. Accordingly, there is also the opportunity to explore many different locations. Reimagined for each individual environment and landscape. Besides, after downloading the game to the device start participating. You can experience it completely free in offline mode.

Grow Soldier – Command Military Forces Against Enemies!

LMHAPKSS‘s game Grow Soldier is built with pixel-based graphics. Recreate graphics in classic style. Expressed through the simple image quality created by pixels. There will not be sharpness and realism like 3D-style games. But that will help you have a completely new way of playing the action role-playing game genre. To increase the experience when participating in the game. Along with the graphics are unique sound effects. Reenacted based on each scene and activity taking place in the arena. For example, when soldiers attack, tanks open fire and a fight takes place. The sound will be changed flexibly to suit each activity.Grow Soldier MOD

Missions for each area

Based on the content of the game Grow Soldier to perform combat missions. Through each area, many different locations are opened. In each area, there is a fight against crowds of enemies. Through it, you will control tanks and accompany soldier units. Command the attacking army to destroy them all. After wiping out all enemies, you will win and end a mission. At the same time, there is a chance to collect dropped gold coins. Then there will be a match in the next region with new challenges waiting ahead.Grow Soldier MOD APK

The challenge increases when reaching new areas

The difficulty of Grow Soldier will increase with many changes after each battle in a new area. The number of enemies to kill will increase even more. At the same time appear many new enemies with superior abilities. Shown through attack power in combat with soldier units. As well as stamina with longer survivability. This will make the army led by you difficult to defeat. Even if you can’t stop the enemy and be destroyed by them. That would mean the mission failed and had to start over in that area.Introduce about Grow Soldier MOD

Fight many enemies

Experience battles in Grow Soldier’s areas. Will have to face attacks from many different enemies. For example, zombies, monsters, robots,… and more. Each enemy is uniquely shaped and has its own style. The difference between them is shown in shape and equipment. At the same time, he possesses outstanding fighting ability. It doesn’t stop there, when you reach a certain area you also have to face a fierce attack from the boss. With stronger fighting power than normal enemies. In particular, it also has a huge size and diverse attacks. Make your army have to put all its strength into fighting to have a chance to destroy.

Recruit soldier units

At Grow Soldier there are many different soldier units to recruit. For example, commandos, snipers, close combat soldiers, special forces,… and many more. Each unit is equipped with its own weapon to use to attack during the match. At the same time, upgrades can be made to improve their strength. As well as changing to more modern weapons to increase fighting power against enemies. For example, merging two units of knife-wielding soldiers with close combat capabilities. From there, it will create a gunman who can fire bullets to attack from a distance. There are many other units that you will learn about after participating in the game.Game Grow Soldier MOD

The battles in Grow Soldier cannot lack the tank. Accordingly, you can command many different tanks in different areas. Each type is uniquely designed with parts such as the barrel, base, and moving parts. Moreover, they also possess strong fighting ability. Can fire to attack enemy forces with great damage. Besides, to enhance the power of the tank, it can be upgraded. By using resources and progressing to level up to improve the parameters.

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