Grim Soul 6.3.2 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, free shopping, purchase, max level, vip unlocked APK
Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival MOD APK 6.3.2

Grim Soul 6.3.2 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, free shopping, purchase, max level, vip unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Name Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival
Requires Android 4.4+
Latest Version6.3.2
MOD Menu, Unlimited money, free shopping, purchase, max level, vip unlocked
CategoryRole Playing
Price FREE

Grim Soul is a role-playing survival game developed by Kefir! invent. This publisher previously brought us an attractive survival game called Last Day On Earth. After the success of this gameplay, many players supported it. Game publishers continue to launch new super products. Very quickly Grim Soul has won the hearts of players. With attractive survival gameplay. Continuous tens of millions of downloads on mobile is a testament to this success. The topic of survival has been very hot in recent years. Not only in Vietnam but all over the world is also developing very strongly. This gameplay is a free regular version for Android and ios operating systems. If you want to download and experience the mod version, the enhanced version of this game. Then visit the website LMHAPKSS to download it for free.

Grim Soul – Survival from the dead land!

Grim Soul takes players to a faraway land in the Plaguelands. Here is a pandemic of the century, many people have died. There exist many kinds of bloodthirsty monsters that want to eat humans. They hide in the woods waiting for humans to appear they will attack. It’s not just monsters that attack you. Others for life are also ready to attack you at any time. The battle for survival is fierce when you have to face 2 types of strong enemies. In the game, there will be a lot of modern weapons and vehicles. But it is not available for you to choose from. You will have to find and collect weapons and food on your own to survive. Use the survival skills you have. Try to survive the pandemic, and destroy all enemies around you. Fight for life, for the survival of humanity.

Grim Soul mod

Survival journey begins

By joining Grim Soul you are transformed into a man of the Plaguelands. He has nothing but empty hands and survival skills. Start your journey by finding food and water sources for your daily needs. There are many out there, but be careful. Because there are many monsters around. If you let them see your appearance. They will attack you immediately. After finding a food source. Start searching, and crafting weapons. Axes, hammers, guns, etc… A lot of weapons you can pick up in the house, in the forest. Weapons are required at all times. The enemy can attack you at any time. Try to complete the task. Many valuable chests are waiting for you to open.

Game Grim Soul mod

Build a base

In the game, you will encounter many survivors like me. Try to link with them to form a team that works as a team. Let’s build a battle base together. You can build yourself a house, traps to attack enemies, etc… Or make yourself a set of armor, a gun. Anything you like can be created. This process may cost some fuel, and a certain amount of money. All are available in nature. You can search, and collect about easily. Or if you don’t want to waste time searching. now Grim Soul version buy all the items completely free.

Fighting skills

In addition to survival skills, your fighting skills must also be good to be able to survive. The strength and health of the characters are almost the same. Therefore, fighting skills are the deciding factor for your victory. New to the game, your skill may not be high. Practice daily, and gradually get used to the control. Next time you will definitely become a master. Learn fighting skills from other players around the world. Try to fight to overcome all challenges, success is waiting for you ahead.

Grim Soul mod apk tai

MOD APK feature implemented of Grim Soul

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • free shopping
  • free purchase
  • max level
  • vip unlocked

Survive against all enemies who are plotting to destroy the world. Become a knight fighting to destroy all bloodthirsty monsters. Use modern combat weapons to defeat the enemy. Complete the tasks assigned by the system. Many valuable rewards will be rewarded for your efforts. Smash the dark, gloomy space. Bring light back to the peaceful land. Grim Soul role-playing as a hero to save the world.

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