Grand Tanks 3.08.1 MOD Lots of Money and gems APK
Grand Tanks MOD APK 3.08.1

Grand Tanks 3.08.1 MOD Lots of Money and gems APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Grand Tanks
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher XDEVS LTD
Size 319MB
Latest Version 3.08.1
MOD Unlimited money and gems
Category Action
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Price FREE

Are you ready to take part in the attacks of the second world war? Through the game Grand Tanks to control the tank. Perform missions against enemy forces on the vast battlefield. Based on action gameplay combined with shooting elements. Open up fierce battles in an open action mechanism. Allows you to deploy an attack strategy freely in the arena. Moreover, it is also possible to play in an offline mode completely for free. Or participate in online tournaments to compete with real players. From there, compete for a position on the leaderboard with achievements. Besides, the game also incorporates realistic 3D graphics. Realistic physics is shown through action effects on the fierce battlefield.

Download Grand Tanks MOD APK – World War II Tank Machine Battle

The content of the game opens up the fierce battles in the second world war. Revolving around the skirmish between armored tanks. Role-play as a soldier unit with the right to control a tank. Your mission is to move on the battlefield to attack enemy forces. The virtual machines are in the form of a joystick to navigate and move. By touching, holding, and rotating the tank to move according to your control. Simultaneously combine with touch and swipe left or right to adjust the barrel. To determine the position of the attack on the target. Then use the bullet icon by tapping. From there open fire to perform the action to attack the enemy.Game Grand Tanks

Quest and reward system

Control tanks to participate in battles in the context of World War II. With a diverse mission system that opens in each battle. Specify specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. Destroy a sufficient number of enemy tanks within the time limit. For example, it takes 4 minutes to destroy 3 enemy tanks. Or successfully destroy their base. There are many other missions that will open after coming to the next battle. Accordingly, the reward received when winning includes gold and silver coins. Based on your achievements during the battle. From there will receive the corresponding amount.

Gold and silver are the two main currencies used in the game. Through the battle after completing the quest will be received. From there, it can be used for different trading activities. Unlock new tanks, customize, change designs, and upgrade. Depending on the activity will need the corresponding currency.Tai Grand Tanks

Two game modes, online connection

Coming to Grand Tanks, you can choose to play in two different modes. Includes team mode and solo mode for all. In each mode, there are battles according to their own gameplay. Shown through the rules of classification of winners and losers and the conditions to be followed. Even more interesting when connecting to the network can experience the full features of the game. You not only get to accompany and compete with online players. It is also possible to use the game feature to communicate with people in the same country.Download Grand Tanks

Team Battle

Coming to the team battle mode can be with tanks controlled by AI. Or connect to the network to accompany other players. Join them to form alliances and fight against enemy forces. In limited time to compete against each other on the vast battlefield. After the time is up, based on the kills achieved between the two factions find the winning team.

Alone for all

In Alone for All it is very intense and fierce. There is no support from teammates because each unit that controls the tank is a faction. All will join the attack against each other to find the last one left. To be able to win against other opponents. Force you to destroy enemy tanks. At the same time become the last man alive on the battlefield.Grand Tanks

At Grand Tanks there are many different tanks for you to explore. They are designed in a military style. Especially inspired by the machines produced in the second world war. The ability of each type is evaluated in detail through parameters. Includes attack range, the field of view when using the scope to zoom, stamina, health, reload time, and movement speed. More after owning a favorite tank machine. Customizable with a variety of camouflages and decals.

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