Gold and Goblins 1.33.0 MOD 1 HIT STONE BRICKS, HIGH OFFLINE REWARD, Remove Ads APK
Gold and Goblins MOD APK 1.33.0

Gold and Goblins 1.33.0 MOD 1 HIT STONE BRICKS, HIGH OFFLINE REWARD, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Gold and Goblins
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher AppQuantum
Size 70MB
Latest Version 1.33.0
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Join Gold and Goblins now and explore the world of idle miners. You will become a gold digger here when you have a whole team of lovers specializing in mining and mining. Your task is to manage them to dig more and become rich. By merging elves together, you create more advanced species to mine faster and seek higher profits. You will delve into the cores of gold mines and discover deep dungeons, where there are hidden wonders, including hidden treasures. But don’t forget to upgrade your army of mining goblins to go faster and complete the objectives sooner. This game can work even offline, so you can enjoy it all the time.

Download Gold and Goblins MOD APK – Idle mining gameplay combined with puzzles

This is the idle mining game that gets the best from the two-game genres “Tycoon Merge” and “Mining Gold”. This great combination makes for an addictive management simulation experience on the vertical screen of the phone. Join the game, you will immediately step into the world of mining without going through lengthy footage. Your mission is to control the goblins to mine gold, generate profits, and continuously upgrade and enjoy riches. Just like that, you will go through dozens of different levels and mining areas. What you find will be more and more valuable, bringing you endless joy. Idle experience with playful background music and eye-catching effects here will leave you spellbound.


Dig for gold and become rich

To mine gold, you just need to touch the screen to create elves. At the beginning of the game, you only get a single goblin. But it can mine gold and you will use it to unlock many new goblins. Besides, by combining two elves together, you will create a new, more advanced elf. The new breed will have faster mining speed, better weapons, and stronger health. Thanks to that, it will help you speed up the mining progress. You have more gold and keep unlocking goblins, combining and gradually creating an incredible army of mining goblins. Your job is to control them to dig deeper, get rich, and upgrade even more.

Besides mining, you need to pay attention to construction tasks. Set up minesweepers and cannons to help goblins rebuild their fortunes. These stations help provide better and more modern weapons as the level progresses, helping gamers accelerate mining as resources become increasingly hard. Besides, you also need to collect keys to unlock new mine shafts and mining areas. Your aim is to discover tons of mines in the ground and become an idle mine tycoon. While it doesn’t take much, you also need to have a wise mining strategy so that you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy the riches.


Upgrade and expand to the limit

To improve gold mining in Gold and Goblins, you need an upgrade strategy. You will have many opportunities to improve various stats of goblins, mining shafts, and tools. To do that, you need to collect upgrade cards that help unlock new goblins or upgrade existing goblins and upgrade the mining shaft. With new species, you can combine even more advanced elves instead of just rotating in the old species. Besides, with the new and more advanced mining shaft, you don’t have to worry about the mining speed anymore.

Besides upgrade cards, you can also find special cards with powerful destructive skills. In particular, there are more than 60 different mines to explore and many events to expand your profits unlimitedly. Caves, dungeons, and more may entice you with hidden treasure chests and a variety of valuable resources. Events allow you to interact with other miners around the world to hunt for rewards and trophies. Your mining journey here will be enriched by these.


Enjoy the beautiful 3D environment

Your experience in the game will take place on the vertical screen of the phone. It will delight you with the mysterious scenery of underground tunnels where valuable treasures and resources are hidden. Besides, the image of the elves looks petite and adorable. But you can clearly see each gesture, their exploit action. The effects when merging, digging, and using special skills are also very eye-catching. Music is joyful and vibrant, stimulating endless excitement.

Are you ready to dig for gold and get rich? Gold and Goblins will help you get rich as quickly as possible without doing too much. Just tap the screen to have your elves team work day and night, digging for gold and making a profit. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to adventure through many fanciful dungeons, discover many wonderful treasures, and enjoy the increasingly progressive puzzle fusion mechanics.

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