Going Balls 1.86 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money diamonds, all balls unlocked, No ads APK
Going Balls MOD APK 1.86

Going Balls 1.86 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money diamonds, all balls unlocked, No ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Going Balls
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Size 156MB
Latest Version 1.86
MOD Menu, Unlimited money diamonds, all balls unlocked, No ads
Category Action
Price FREE

Exciting entertainment with Going Balls game. Designed based on a rolling ball theme. Unlock a series of exciting challenges to explore. This is a completely free offline game. The gameplay is simple, but to pass all the missions will take quite a bit of time. The game is a combination of adventure and puzzle elements. Your task is to control the ball rolling to the finish line. Through the mission system according to each level of play. After completing the challenge, there will be a chance to get a bonus. Simultaneously go through many levels with excellent achievements. From there will be unlocked new types of balls with their own unique colors. To enhance the experience, help people enjoy it vividly. Graphics are simulated based on a sharp 3D platform. Combines simple and intuitive control mechanisms.

Introduce about Going Balls – Control the Ball to Overcome Challenges to Reach the Finish!

Control the rolling ball to join the adventure of Going Balls. The environment unfolds in a challenging path. With a mission system that takes place according to each level of play. Your mission is to overcome the road ahead. Through the control of the ball, successfully progress to the finish line. From there will complete the task of a level. Go on an adventure to enter a new challenge. The terrain will be changed, the design is more complex than before. At the same time will be recreated in another vivid environment. The ball rolling distance will be longer. The difficulty also increases accordingly, creating difficulties. Causing you to fail if you can’t complete the challenge. But that’s what makes for a fascinating experience. Help every player not feel bored.Going Balls

With each level, the challenge gets harder

Choose a ball type to start the adventure taking place in Going Balls. On a road designed complex terrain. Located in a lively environment, recreated in many different contexts. The rolling ball will have to overcome a lot of obstacles and traps. They appear sporadically throughout the process. In some situations, sometimes it will have to use puzzle skills. Catch up with the movement of each road segment to move through. Especially will have to control the ball in a balanced way. Because the road ahead is designed quite a narrow width. If not careful rolled out of orbit will fall into the cliff. This means the mission failed and will have to play from the beginning. Based on the number of balls accumulated during play, up to 5 balls. Each failure and replay will reduce one fruit.Tai Going Balls

Terrain, obstacles, and pitfalls

The terrain is one of the major hindrances in Going Balls. It directly affects the process of rolling the ball. Through each level of play, the terrain will be changed more complex. Dangerous pitfalls make it difficult to move. Road segments are crossed, with movement following a trajectory. Gets you through a puzzle activity, figuring out the best time to roll the ball over. Along with that are dangerous obstacles. They appear scattered at many different locations on the road. For example, the boxes that block the road, automatic hammers,… and many more. Along with that will be supported the place to push the ball up. Help you overcome high and dangerous terrain. But it is necessary to control and adjust the direction of the ball precisely.Game Going Balls

Control and puzzle skills

To be able to overcome the challenges, complete the missions in all levels of Going Balls. Skill is one of the factors to focus on. Constantly improving over time to improve efficiency. Combine observation of terrain and environment ahead. The movement of the brain to solve intelligent puzzles in some situations. Every trap encountered or a dangerous obstacle. Everything will have different solutions. For example, crates are stacked to block the road. Can choose to stab directly to destroy. Or hammers that automatically beat to the beat. Need to choose the right time to roll over. After controlling the rolling ball, pass each challenge in turn. Successfully reaching the finish line will complete the task.Introduce about Going Balls

MOD APK feature implemented of Going Balls

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • nlimited diamonds
  • all balls unlocked
  • free shopping
  • No ads

In the process of controlling the ball rolling at the game levels of Going Balls. Gold coins appeared scattered. You need to collect to accumulate large numbers. Sometimes a golden key will appear. After accumulating all 3, the treasure will be opened. Choosing 3 different chests will give you a chance to get a large number of gold coins or rolling balls. Besides, use gold coins earned from challenges. Can be used to trade, and unlock many types of balls with their own unique color. Increase the experience to help every player feel more excited.

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