Girl Group Inc 1.2.91 MOD Lots of Money APK
Girl Group Inc MOD APK 1.2.91

Girl Group Inc 1.2.91 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (6 hours ago)
Name Girl Group Inc
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Sunbeesoft Co., Ltd.
Download 62
Size 97MB
Latest Version 1.2.91
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Girl Group Inc will bring you closer to the famous entertainment industry in Korea. You will join the game as the CEO of an idol label company. Your job is to recruit and train outstanding talent, then create complete groups and bring stars to the public. Like a talent manager of big companies like YG or Big Hit, you will do everything to make money from the popularity of talented artists. In return, you bring fame, wealth, and love to the stars, making them idols in the eyes of your fans. You can also satisfy your passion for interior design and fashion when you prepare rooms and costumes for the girls yourself. What’s better than that?

Girl Group Inc – Idol management simulation game!

Managing and interacting with idols is probably the dream of many people. If you are too, Girl Group Inc will make you happy and satisfied. It is simply an addictive but idle idol management simulator. It allows you to experience work as an executive of an entertainment company that produces huge idols that attract millions of fans around the globe. But things are not as easy as you think. You will start with a small company on the verge of bankruptcy and need to play strategically to drive its return. Since you are a new director of the company, you will be guided by an assistant. But you will decide everything to enjoy the results you create.


Recruit and train talents

Your goal is to produce and manage popular groups. So, to achieve this goal, where do you need to start? First of all, you need to find and recruit talents in the city. There are quite a few talents with different skills and outstanding looks, so you need to think carefully before hiring anyone. You will then conduct individual training sessions for each intern. When they develop skills to a certain level, you will put them in a specific group to work with many other talents. Finally, when the time is right, you will let them debut to the public and start promoting and performing activities.

Talents will be classified into different classes, including Vocal, Acting, Rap, Dance, and more. Each artist will have their own direction depending on their outstanding skills. For example, people with good vocals will be trained to become singers in any musical group. They can combine with talented dance and rap talents, thereby creating an immortal band. Meanwhile, those who are good at acting can participate in many movies and become famous actors. Their activities will bring profit to the company. But make sure they are mature enough and qualified before being introduced to the community.


Participate in activities to be famous

There are many ways for you to promote the popularity of your idols in Girl Group Inc. Accordingly, you can let artists release themed albums, hold concerts, interact with fans, participate in reality shows, do tours, participate in concerts and famous talent contests, and more. These activities will bring the company a lot of profit while promoting the popularity of the talent that has already been introduced. With the higher popularity, the artists will be more sought after by the media and fans. From there, your company can attract many advertising and music deals. So, you can freely explore dozens of interesting events and features in this game.

Construction and fashion design

Besides idol training and promotion activities, this game also allows you to build everything yourself. You will add various structures and buildings from dormitories, singing studios, dance studios, dining rooms, stages, sports fields, and more. In addition, it is you who will decide the style of clothes for the idols every time they perform on stage. So this game is not only about music and management, it is also about a great fashion designer and builder.


Beautiful anime design

With a modern anime design, the game makes a good impression on a large number of players. This game offers beautiful idol images with well-thought-out dialogue and interesting storylines to explore. The game scene is always filled with colorful colors and cheerful music. The shows are impressive with effects, lighting, sound, and stunning visuals. Everything is extremely well designed and detailed.

Thanks to that, Girl Group Inc is one of the most addictive simulation games available today. It brings you into the world of idols as CEO, idol manager, fashion designer, and more. You will interact with the talent through dialogue and quizzes. At the same time, you will decide who they are and how they stand on the idol achievement rankings.

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