Ghosts of War 0.2.18 MOD Lots of Ammo APK
Ghosts of War MOD APK 0.2.18

Ghosts of War 0.2.18 MOD Lots of Ammo APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Ghosts of War
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher XDEVS LT
Size 58MB
Latest Version 0.2.18
MOD Unlimited Ammo
Category Action
Price FREE

Ghosts of War gives you realistic role-playing feelings as a soldier in the second world war. This is a great opportunity to feel the fierceness of the battlefield in the greatest war of mankind. Because of this, the game has a slightly higher difficulty than other FPS titles. It brings to the field battlefield with diverse terrain, requiring your observation ability and acumen to have effective action strategies. Besides, it also has multiple game modes, allowing you to play single or co-op with friends. Each mode brings exciting battles, promising to make you thrill every second. Now you can enjoy it on your phone. Take your gun, move on the field and finish all enemies on the enemy side to bring victory to your nation.

Ghosts of War – Vivid reproduction of the second world war!

You’ve probably heard a lot about humanity’s second world war, but to feel its heat, perhaps you should try Ghosts of War. You can play it as a soldier on the field of war, whose mission is to fight and die for the sake of his country. With advanced and modern graphic design, you will have moments of an unforgettable experience. Use your gun properly, move flexibly, observe keenly and have a clear battle strategy. Every shot, bomb explosion, and even your breath is so real. The context of the field battlefield appears clearly in front of the eyes in the first-person perspective. Those things will keep you hooked for hours without getting bored.


Choose your game mode and act your way

So far, the game has only 2 main modes, including Death Battle and Team e. In the first mode, you can choose your country among the USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, and more. For each country, you can equip a unique military uniform before going to war. You and a group of players will form two different factions and must survive on the field of battle. The task of each faction is to destroy the other side until there are no surviving enemies on the map. The winning team will take the top spot and can continue to challenge others to a new battle.

Meanwhile, in team mode, you can cooperate with friends and participate in missions to destroy enemies in the context of World War II. It will be quite interesting if you play with people you know. But if you don’t have enough people to team up, the game will automatically add Bot to the squad. Rest assured that Bots are also capable and intelligent enough to be trusted companions. Your job is to create an effective battle plan, which can be a raid, defense, direct attack, sniping, and more. Then lead your team to execute the plan and win spectacularly.


The diverse weapon system, intuitive control

Up to 23 different weapons are available in Ghosts of War. It includes Mosin rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, etc. Besides, the game also offers some other options such as bombs and knives for you to use in different campaigns. And each weapon, especially the gun, you can design with impressive skins. You can choose the color for the gun with paint color options, and add text and stickers. Besides, to make the gun stand out, choose the accessories available to hang on the gun body.

Besides the rather typical weapon system, you also find the game’s console familiar. It’s quite similar to many other FPS games, so you probably don’t need to take long to get to it. Specifically, you will move your character with the joystick on the left, and click other buttons to sit, stand, jump, change ammunition, switch weapons, aim and shoot. You can manually design the position of the buttons on the screen in the settings. Everything is displayed very intuitively in the first-person perspective.


Realistic and clear design

Thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 4 graphics, the game offers an extremely modern and high-quality experience. The images in the game are described as sharp and with high realism. The battlefield scene is also very lively, including many details of the landscape, terrain, and weather effects. Besides, it is necessary to mention the effects of the battle. You will see amazing effects from explosions, gunfire, bomb explosions, helicopters flying in the sky, and a variety of other actions.

All in all, to choose the best game in the war simulation theme, you can’t miss Ghosts of War. It is really great with a thoughtful investment in many aspects, from gameplay, modes, and weapon system to graphics. So you will have incredible moments while playing this game. Enjoy intense field battles with a series of eye-catching effects from a realistic first-person perspective.

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