Getcontact 6.8.0 MOD Premium Unlocked, Remove Ads APK
Getcontact MOD APK 6.8.0

Getcontact 6.8.0 MOD Premium Unlocked, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 day ago)
Name Getcontact
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Getverify LDA
Size 57MB
Latest Version 6.8.0
MOD Premium Unlocked, No Ads
Category Communication
Price FREE

Are you often bothered by spam calls or marketing? If yes, you will need Getcontact to solve this problem. This app is like the default voice caller on mobile. But it adds other useful features like spam and marketing call blocking, caller ID recognition, call history management, etc. As a result, you will have a better communication experience on your phone. No more annoying spam or scam calls so you can fully focus on your work. Furthermore, you can create groups and chat with others via a “channel”.

Getcontact – Manage and block spam calls!

Managing calls is not difficult for those with few contacts. But if you have a dense contact list and a lot of relationships around, then you will probably need Getcontact. This application will manage your contacts and incoming calls for you. Its main function is to make sure only the “right” calls come to you. Meaning, spam calls will be blocked so as not to disturb you all the time. This may seem normal, but it brings unexpected convenience and comfort.


Eliminate the hassle of spam calls

Every day, you may receive a lot of phone calls, including spam, scam, automated, and marketing calls. These calls will be recognized, alerted, and blocked by this application. Since you have enabled the “junk phone number” filter, spam numbers will be blocked. Of course, you have the right to add any number to the blacklist to block calls. Furthermore, you will receive notifications when these numbers call. You will be aware of spam calls to avoid loss of time and risk.

Besides, this application also helps you to recognize the caller ID as soon as the number is not in the contact list. This helps you to distinguish between “true” and “incorrect” calls. After identification and classification, you only need one “tap” to answer or decline. If you are busy or the phone is turned off, the calls are saved for later viewing. As a result, the app makes sure you don’t miss any important calls, as long as you check your phone.


Manage all incoming and outgoing calls

Call management is available on all default voice callers. But Getcontact does this better and brings convenience to you. Specifically, calls will be classified into many “tabs”, such as Call History, Search History, Outgoing Calls, and Incoming Calls,… Besides, the call list is divided to display by day. Along with that is information such as call time, caller avatar, name, and voicemail (if any APK from the caller.

In addition, searching for phone numbers in this application also becomes more convenient. You just need to enter the number in the search box to receive the corresponding contact. When entering a search number, related numbers are automatically suggested so that you can quickly find the desired number. In particular, you can also search by contact name. The call management interface is also very intuitive, making tracking, checking, and searching much more convenient.


Free chat via Getcontact Messenger

This application also has a Messenger feature similar to the default messenger on the phone. However, the messaging interface here looks more modern, clean, and intuitive. You’ll know who’s texting right on the unlock screen notification. In addition, each message will be accompanied by the time it was sent and an indication of whether the other party has read the message or not. As can be seen, Getcontact Messenger is quite similar to online messaging applications.

Subscribe to the channel you like

This app is not only a voice call manager but also a place to connect people around. That’s thanks to the “channels” feature, which allows you to follow your friends’ channels and get the latest notifications about their posts. Moreover, you also have the right to create your own channel and add the phone numbers you want. From there, you and your group of friends will have their own community to freely plan, chat and share daily life.


High security

With state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption, your messages and contacts are completely secure. Only you and the people in the conversation can read the message. Even app publishers don’t have access to users’ private content. Therefore, rest assured when texting or calling on this application. More than 100 million users trust and use the application.

As such, Getcontact is an application that should be on your device. This app will make voice calling and messaging more convenient, secure, and private. Spam calls will be blocked so as not to disturb you. Moreover, every call is saved for you to track and manage everything. Enjoy these convenient features now.

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