Free Fire 1.104.1 MOD VIP Menu VIP, 99999 Diamonds, Auto headshot, Wall APK
Free Fire MOD APK 1.104.1

Free Fire 1.104.1 MOD VIP Menu VIP, 99999 Diamonds, Auto headshot, Wall APK

By Hai Nam April 17, 2024 (2 days ago)
Name Free Fire
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Garena International I
Size 59MB
Latest Version 1.104.1
MOD VIP Menu, 99999 Diamonds, Auto headshot, Wall
Category Action
Price FREE

Free Fire is a famous survival game on mobile, second only to PUBG Mobile, the legendary survival game. It brings you an online playground that connects millions of global players. You can participate in the arena and survive with 49 other players with the goal of becoming the last survivor. Show your shooting skills, moves, and smart action strategies to achieve the goal in the fiercest competition. To gain the advantage, you need to collect the necessary things from weapons to armor, equipment, accessories, and more. Which of your plans will you use them for, cover and ambush or face-to-face? Let’s start the strategic survival war you expect from now on.

Download Free Fire MOD APK – Typical survival shooting gameplay

If you are a fan of the survival shooter genre, you are probably no stranger to Free Fire with two versions FF4HX Injector and FFH4X Regedit. This is where you need to show your intelligence, strength, and ability to coordinate with your teammates if you want to master the online battlefield. The gameplay of the game is not much different from PUBG Mobile. However, it still has many new points and features that make the brand a new-generation shooter. Join the game, you can choose the mode and map before entering the match. You only need about 40 seconds to wait for others to enter the game and only 10 minutes for each match. Your survival journey is fast-paced with the map shrinking over time. So get ready for your action plan to confront and win.


Join the online survival arena

Once 50 players have entered the match, the match will start immediately after a flight. You can land anywhere you want on the map to start your survival journey. As soon as you land, quickly move and search for the necessary items, preferably the gun. You can find guns, backpacks, ammunition, first aid boxes, and many other useful things scattered around the map. High-end things often have a high probability of appearing in crowded locations, like malls, large buildings, complexes, and more. If you want intense combat from the start, land in these locations to compete and have a chance to loot good items.

You will have to constantly move from place to place in search of gun parts and hunting for better items. In your moving journey, clashes are inevitable. You need to show your agility and wisdom to gain an advantage in head-to-head confrontations with other opponents. You can hide, avoid combat and return to the raid. You can snipe from a distance if you are confident with your aim. Or you will drive to go through dangerous areas and leave the enemy behind. What is your style of action? Even if you refuse to engage, the safe zone will narrow and create opportunities for you to meet and confront your opponent.


Weapon and vehicle systems

Free Fire possesses a great arsenal of familiar guns. It has typical guns from Shotguns like S1897 and S686 to rifles like AKM and M16A4, and snipers like AWM, Kar98, and more. Each gun has its own characteristics in terms of rate of fire, range, damage, and ammo capacity. Therefore, there are always appropriate options for you to use in many different situations. You can improve the guns by collecting and equipping them with necessary parts such as barrel, scope, silencer…

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the diverse vehicle system. You can find motorcycles, cars, off-road vehicles, and more all over the map. They will help you move quickly instead of jogging. But most cars have a common drawback, which is making a lot of noise. So you should be careful while driving because you can attract the attention of enemies. Besides vehicles and weapons, the game also gives you unique skins to freely transform and impress many players.


Realistic and vivid graphics

There is no need to discuss too much about the graphics quality of this game. It is built on the foundation of extremely realistic and vivid 3D graphics and has easy, smooth controls. Images in the game from characters to weapons, vehicles, and battlefield context are described very meticulously and realistically. Dramatic shooting phases accompanied by effects and vivid sound also contribute to creating unforgettable experiences. Everything is optimized for the mobile platform for you to easily download and experience the game.

MOD APK Feature of Free Fire

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • 99,999 diamonds
  • Auto head shot
  • aimbot, antiban
  • FFH4X Regedit MOD MENU
  • FF4HX Injector MOD MENU

So what else do you hesitate? Free Fire now has many unique events with great rewards that you cannot miss. Download the game to your phone to participate in the online survival arena with millions of other players around the globe. It’s time to show your shooting talent and action strategy to rise up the leaderboard.

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